6 Steps for Caregivers to Help Prevent Falls

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of both fatal and non-fatal injuries for people 65+, with one in four aging American’s suffering a fall each year?  The good news is that as a family caregiver you can help significantly reduce the risk of falls for your loved one. The National Council on Aging has published 6 easy steps a caregiver can take to prevent falls, including:

  1. Enlist their support in taking simple steps to stay safe
  2. Discuss their current health conditions
  3. Ask about their last eye checkup
  4. Notice if they’re holding onto walls, furniture, or someone else when walking, or if they appear to have difficulty walking or raising from a chair
  5. Talk about their medications
  6. Do a walk-through safety assessment of their home

Equally important is recording and sharing these observations over time so that early warning signs can be identified.  Enter genusConnect. With genusConnect, you can easily record observations of mobility and emotional and physical health, report issues, share a need or concern with the group, and reconcile medications.  All of this data gets compiled into a handy care report which you can share with your loved one’s doctor so they can help spot warning signs and make recommendations in care.

To learn more about fall prevention tips, visit the link below.  And stay tuned for some exciting news from genus about our work with a leading university and a local senior center in reducing falls in the elderly.

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