32% of Employees Quit Jobs to Provide Informal Care at Home

Employers across the country are grossly underestimating the impact of family caregiving on their businesses.  According to a recent study from Harvard Business School, 32% of employees reported leaving their jobs at some point because of family caregiving obligations.  While nearly 3 in 4 employees report having some sort of current caregiving obligation, over half of employers do not track employees caregiving responsibilities.  Further compounding the problem, only 28% of caregivers publicly admit that caregiving negatively impacts their work productivity for fear of negative career consequences. The impact on company productivity and profitability is even more sever when you consider the fact that higher titled employees and those with greater responsibilities are more likely to leave their job because of caregiving burdens.

Ignoring this growing problem is not an option.  To retain top talent and improve productivity, employers must look for innovative solutions to better support caregiver employees.  

genusConnect is a low cost yet highly effective solution that employers can offer their staff to reduce the burden of caregiving, improve productivity, and reduce burnout and stress.  With its easy to use mobile platform, genusConnect helps caregivers better coordinate daily tasks of care, improve care network engagement, and enhance communication.  The result is that caregiver employees can stay focused at work with the peace of mind that their loved ones are okay.  

To learn how your business can benefit from introducing the genusConnect platform, visit www.genusconnect.org