4 Surprises Facing Family Caregivers

It is no surprise that as our population ages, more and more people are forced to step up as family caregivers for loved ones in need.  However, a recent report from Forbes shows that many of these newly minted caregivers are surprised by the challenges they face.  Caregiving is often much more difficult than expected, with new responsibilities and daily tasks of care putting strain on both work and personal relationships.  As a patient’s conditions deteriorate, this burden also can grow over time.  On top of that, family dynamics add another source of strain and complexity.  Poor communication, geographical separation, and differing levels of involvement lead to resentment, fighting, and burnout.  These compounding challenges mean that sometimes one person isn’t enough.  

Luckily, genusConnect is here to help.  Genus coordinates communication and daily tasks of care, helping caregivers better manage the care of their loved one.  With daily observations, task scheduling, and medical plan management, family members can care better, together, no matter where they might live.  Additionally, genusConnect puts local resources at your fingertips, ensuring that you loved one is always getting the best care.

To download genusConnect, visit www.genusconnect.org/download