Genus partners with leading health providers to improve family caregiving through the Michigan Health Endowment Fund grant.

Detroit-based Genus, LLC, as part of a consortium of leading healthcare providers and community groups, has been awarded a grant from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund for a pilot project to improve the lives of millions of families caring for loved ones with complex chronic conditions through the use of the genusConnect platform.  The project supported by the $500k grant, which is led by Henry Ford Health System and includes the Hannan Foundation and the Region 2 Area Agency on Aging, takes a comprehensive approach to address the challenges of family caregivers. While 43 million American’s act as primary family caregivers to an aging loved one with complex conditions, they struggle with a lack of knowledge and support, often falling into depression and experiencing burnout, which drives adverse health outcomes for those patients in need. 

Genus, which is based out of the TechTown Detroit Accelerator, has developed a mobile platform aimed at making hospital discharge and family caregiving, two of the biggest challenges driving healthcare costs and outcomes, easier, safer, and more engaging.  “Genus was designed from being there,” says Founder and CEO Joe Gleason, who has been a caregiver to two parents who have dementia. “I saw how hard it was taking care of mom and dad, and how it affected not only my family but also millions of families nationwide and thought ’there has to be a better way.’”  The genus platform not only makes caregiving easier for patients, but also helps hospitals and healthcare organizations reduce readmissions, improve patient engagement, lower costs, and improve satisfaction scores that drive value-based reimbursement. Starting at the time of discharge, Genus empowers patients to record complex care instructions and easily and securely replay and share those instructions with family and caregivers.  This ensures that important information does not get forgotten or distorted, and keeps everyone on the same page. After discharge, patients and their caregivers are invited to create a genusConnect community, which makes caregiving easier and more impactful through tools for improved communication, daily observations, task coordination, and care plan management. 

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