GenusConnect Fall Prevention Pilot Goes Live With New Product Features

Participants in the University of Michigan-Flint Fall Prevention pilot have begun using a new version of the genusConnect platform, with a focus on fast onboarding, ease of use, and custom care content.  “In testing with hundreds of families across many different care environments, we learned that the key to success is being fast, easy, and meaningful,” says Joe Gleason, genus Founder and CEO. “People don’t want another thing to download or another password to remember, but the way they are currently getting care instructions is a confusing mess and needs to change.”   With that, the UofM-Flint users are the first to begin using the genusConenct web app experience. With the web app, there is nothing to download or setup. Patients and families simply receive an invitation link through a text message, leading them into a genusConnect community designed just for them. Once there, all key information, observations, and messages are easily accessed through the all-new genusWall.  “It really is the world of care at your fingertips,” adds Gleason. “Plus, the web app maintains a powerful backend that allows our clinical partners to deliver guided care instructions right to the patient, keeping them on track. From what we have already seen, delivering the Otago fall prevention plan though the genusWall is going to set a standard that will benefit thousands of physical therapists, senior centers, and care agencies around the country.”

Genus expects that initial results from the pilot will be available in March of 2020, with full results by June.

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