In this difficult time, we must come together to support those in need.

With the deadly coronavirus spreading around the globe, it is time that we pay special attention to protect those most vulnerable to the virus; aging patients with chronic health conditions.  This has always been the mission of Genus, and we want the whole genus community to know that we are here to help. While social distancing is the best way to keep our seniors safe and slow the spread of the virus, this creates a challenge for aging individuals in need of daily caregiving.  Aside from the challenges of safely fulfilling care tasks, social distancing also carries with it the risk of isolation, which can be detrimental to the physical and emotional well being of those in need.   

To help our community of caregivers, Genus is launching a series of care tips and videos aimed at helping you navigate the COVI-19 crisis.   We will be posting these tips through the genusWall and sending notifications when new content is available. As a start, remember these essential tips to staying safe and keeping your loved ones healthy:

  1. ALWAYS wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before and after visiting your loved ones to prevent the spread of the virus
  2. Be sure to maintain and record daily conversations and keep track of how long it has been since someone has checked in on the person of care using “Last in Touch”.
  3. Be sure to record observations of how the person is doing using Observations
  4. Ask for help carrying out key tasks using the Genus Calendar and “Need Assistance” features, and volunteer to carry out what tasks you can.
  5. Regularly take your loved one’s temperature and record these vitals using the Genus Health module
  6. Call your care provider if you notice any symptoms such as fever, cough, or trouble breathing, and share the Genus Care Report with them to keep them up to speed.

To learn more about how genus can help during this crisis, visit