An empowered circle of care around every person in need.
genusConnect was designed from the ground up as an innovative way for families (and other care circles) to work together through hardship and crisis. Our goal is to create a community of care around every person in need. To do so, we are committed to empowering givers of care with the best tools and resources and supplying an effective, collaborative environment.

As an open platform, genusConnect is able to harness the latest resources and share the ingenuity of its users. Such a model keeps costs low and will ensure all genusConnect users will be able to find solutions and answers to their individual concerns.

With an elegant interface and positive approach to working together, genusConnect helps foster a positive spirit inside each community; sharing the opportunity to care.

An experienced and passionate team
Our founding team has worked together in the past on a variety of different projects which act as part of the foundation for genusConnect. They are excited to come together to meet a need which is very meaningful and real to each of them.

The founding team, and its advisory board, see genusConnect as a service that will have a positive impact on billions of people across the globe. Each person at genusConnect has worked with a passion to design a clean interface, deliver a positive message and foster learning from one another.

genusConnect is honored to have an impressive and growing list of advisers focused on delivering and guiding the genusConnect mission. With a wide variety of expertise and skill sets, and a genuine belief in the mission of genusConnect, our team is committed to creating and maintaining a world-class platform for generations to come.

Media kits, press releases, news bytes and insights
With the growing need for care, and the rapid advancements in technology, today’s audience is ready to hear about the human experience being enriched by technology, instead of dampened by it. The genusConnect story has all the right elements: a company fueled by personal experiences, people coming together for a greater purpose, technology being used to make the world a better place, a mission that fuels hope for those who face challenges and a brighter future in which the best in all of us is brought forward.

We invite you to review our press kits, explore the app and see for yourself why genusConnect is blazing new trails in health, technology and communication. We are always updating our media resources on a variety of platforms to provide information on the latest developments.

Whether it’s genusConnect or emerging platforms like it, together we can inspire those who are providing care with insight and hope!

Invention really is the mother of necessity
genusConnect is a culmination of insights from the experiences of our founding team and the genusConnect community.

Joe Gleason, one of our co-founders, lost his father to Alzheimer’s disease. His experience was a transformative one. It reshaped his view on how a loved one’s medical problem can devastate not only their life, but the lives of everyone they know.

Our world seems to come to a stop and little else matters as we find ourselves at a loss as to what direction to take. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of powerlessness in that situation and how truly humbling it was.”

Looking for a way to work together with his siblings and extended family, they began weekly conference calls and trying out and testing different technologies to find solutions to provide for his father’s care. After much trial and error, applications such as google docs and shared calendars seemed to work best. Touched by the way people came together within the community to help, he concluded that at our very nature we all want to help and we all have different abilities if we only knew how and where to jump in.

Joe took what he learned and reached out to life-long business partners, many of whom were facing similar challenges. Together, each with their own unique arsenal of industry and life experiences, they committed to create an open platform for care; one committed to delivering the best services and value with a simple interface that would make it easy for others to work together and care in the way each of us does best.

As caregivers, we’re not alone. Our stories are different, but we walk the same path. We invite you to share them with us, along with your discoveries, your insights, and your lessons. Together we will continue to build on our knowledge and experience and help empower future generations to be there when it’s their time to be the best givers of care and to provide best possible care.

Use your skills  and experience to make a difference!

Join the genusConnect™ mission to build a community of care around every person in need. genusConnect™ is a rapidly growing organization looking for talented individuals who are fueled by passion and who have the skills, experience and contacts to make a difference. From software development to marketing to advisory roles, we’d love to hear from you.

genus, LLC patents, supporting the platform

genus, LLC. filed patents to protect the open platform. Our guiding goal is to develop a unified service that can be shared across multiple industries and devices and perpetually update it as new needs arise. Together, we can harness the great power and greater opportunities that now sit in the palm of our hands. We invite you to take a look at what we see as an exciting future where technology brings us closer together so we can care better.

A hope filled future, together

We want to help build a world where we are able to the share gifts of compassion and kindness in a way which harnesses the power of the human spirit to innovate and communicate.