genusConnect Summary
  1. Dynamically switch from one community to the next with the community selector.
  2. Community module
  3. Health module
  4. Moments module
  5. Resources module
  6. Last in touch log
  7. Online help
genusConnect Community
  1. Review all of the calendar events for the person of care listed at the top of the screen
  2. Chat with community members to coordinate, connect and care better
  3. Last In Touch catalogs all the visits with the person of care so that the care community can see and share the activity
  4. Care community members list for the person of care listed at the top of the screen.  This list will change from community to community
  5. Plug in important information for the person of care listed at the top of the screen
  6. Open events are events that need someone in the care community to claim them.  It is important that all open events are claimed as quickly as possible
genusConnect Health
  1. Complete the medical profile for the person of care so that the entire care community is working with the same information
  2. The care report can be shared with the person of care’s medical professional for more efficient chronic care management. Caregivers can also use the care report when escorting the person of care to medical visits
  3. Track critical vital signs
  4. Make physical and emotional observations and share them with the community
  5. Keep an active list of all current prescriptions for the person of care. Lessen the chance for conflicting medicines
  6. Keep all doctor’s information in one place
  7. Log all medical visits
genusConnect Resources
  1. Get periodicals on the best methods when caring for a loved one
  2. View tips and read stories of people with similar situations to your own
  3. Learn how to balance your life with caring for a loved one
  4. Learn more about future modules and exciting new developments in genusConnect™
genusConnect Moments
  1. View the latest pictures posted by the care community
  2. Picture viewing window
  3. Add a photo button
  4. Send photos to a wifi picture frame set up for the person of care
genusConnect Emergency
  1. Emergency module for the person of care listed at the top of the screen
  2. Call emergency services
  3. View a history of emergencies and urgent situations
  4. Report an urgent situation to the care community
  5. Have all the information you need in an emergency situation right at your fingertips
genusConnect Locations
  1. Monitor the community’s location in relation to the person of care
  2. View duration of time the person of care has spent at their current location
  3. Check the location of the person of care
  4. See who the closest caregiver is and how far away they are
genusConnect Safety
  1. Pair Bluetooth® appliances to your genusConnect™ app and monitor whether the appliance is on and, if so, for how long
  2. Monitor doors with with Bluetooth® sensors to review if they’re opened or closed
  3. Monitor windows with with Bluetooth® sensors to review if they’re opened or closed
  4. Use genusConnect™ to monitor home temperature using the latest popular hardware on the market.
  5. Install motion detectors to keep track of movement within the residence. Movement history can be tracked from within your genusConnect™ app
  6. View camera details and monitor network cameras from within your genusConnect™ app
genusConnect Concierge
  1. With our vast list of partners, necessary services are only a touch away. From the conceirge module, you can request varying degrees of service to the person of care’s location. From home care visits to flower delivery, the genusConnect™ concierge allows you to book and pay for services right from the app. The list of services continues to grow as we build strong relationships within the caregiving industry
  2. Have a service or product that would be a good fit for genusConnect™? Contact us today to get your business listed
Voice companion
genusConnect Voice Companion
  1. View a complete history of logged voice commands from your voice companion
  2. Manage the different personalities available on your voice companion
  3. Set up medicine reminders for the person of care
  4. Set up programmed health tips for the person of care
  5. Send a message to the person of care through your voice companion
genusConnect CaREpay
  1. Enter a bill either by entering in information or taking a picture of it with your device
  2. You can arrange to have bills emailed to you and auto-populated in your caREpay module on behalf of your person of care
  3. CaREpay allows you to pay bills directly from your device through your bank account or credit card
  4. Submit receipts for expenses incurred for the person of care and post them for the other network members to review
  5. Request assistance from one or more other network members for payment with a bill. Bills can be split among two or more members
  6. View a complete history of bills payed by all network members
  7. View a copy of the a bill
  8. Bills can be entered using your device’s camera and logged into the system