Deliver interactive content that inspires, informs and influences positive outcomes!

Deliver interactive content that inspires, informs and influences positive outcomes!

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genus content and delivery is based on principals of carePhysics™

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The genusPlatform, powered by its integrated AI, genusAI, is deeply rooted in the carePhysics framework. It's within this system that healthcare delivery is reimagined and revolutionized, dramatically improving patient experiences and outcomes.

Built on ten scientifically-backed principles, carePhysics combines both idealistic and pragmatic aspects of patient care.

The first five evidenced based principles lay the groundwork for comprehensive patient care by focusing on holistic care, raising awareness, influencing behavior, enhancing communication, and nurturing community engagement.

The next five principles translate these idealisms into tangible actions through meaningful patient engagements, outcome-driven pathways, advanced technology, AI integration, and a unique scoring system for continual enhancement.

The genusPlatform harnesses the power of carePhysics and genusAI to dynamically generate tailored content and recommend personalized scripts for patients, thereby creating a highly individualized and effective care pathway. This not only ensures seamless and personalized care delivery but also significantly improves discharge outcomes and overall patient experiences.

Through this synergy, genusPlatform not only revitalizes the culture of care, but it also advances patient outcomes, promotes healthcare equity, and enhances overall satisfaction. Together, the genusPlatform and genusAI bring the principles of carePhysics to life, championing an advanced, patient-centric healthcare ecosystem

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The light bulb went on, it's the content! 

Necessity is a powerful teacher!
In building a robust system, testing adoption, and monitoring outcomes, it became clear care and communication tools alone are not enough.

To influence outcomes, we need to awaken the best givers of care within each of us.  Demonstrating acts of kindness with sharing what works,  we influence behavior and do so in a way that has technology sitting in the background!

genus platform's authoring tools are designed for publishing and distribution of quality interactive content.    We invite you to use them to share your content and help support and influence the best givers of care within all of us. 


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Why? Because care is new for most of us.

Like a deer in the headlights, we often feel alone, unsure of what resources are available, how to ask for help.

We are not alone, empowering partners to deliver inspiring, relevant content that encourages productive action for patients and their support network.

The Six C’s of Content.

Curated, Connected, Conveyed, Consistent, Corellated and Crowd-Sourced.

Curated from trusted sources.
with us personally. 
Conveyed in a way we understand.
Consistent and familiar format.
Correlated with current needs.

Crowd-Sourced inspired by those on the front line. Clinicians, caregivers, patients and researchers.   The genus audience provides real-time feedback on content and helps identify and introduce quality partners.    

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careTiles™  deliver intelligent content interactions. 

careTiles  contain photos, videos, PDFs, and surveys.

careTiles(TM) are intelligent blocks information that can be searched, shared and integrated into care communications. 

Once authored, careTiles can be shared in the genus public or private market place, building on collaboration across traditional boundaries.  

careNudges™  Inspire engagement and adoption.  

careNudges(TM) are a sequence of messages custom to the needs and roles in caregiving.

As an example,  a daughter who is the lead caregiver living locally may receive a set of nudges with careTiles  helping her coordinate care.    While a grandchild in the same care community and living out of town,  might receive messages encouraging humor and story telling from a far.

Choose from the nudges library, edit or build your own set and inspire your audience.     

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