The future of care

genusConnect was designed as an open platform for care, offering its users access to resources and tools from developers across the globe. At genus Labs™, we’re working with developers and entrepreneurs to bring innovative solutions to the caregiver community.

Unique new modules are always in development at genusLabs™, as we seek to provide specific solutions that the genusConnect™ platform can utilize and bring new services to market.

Entrepreneurs with new ideas, research professors, care professionals and product development leads, as well as users of the app with ideas to make it better, are encouraged to contact us today. Together we’ll make the next great care idea a reality.

A few of the future modules currently in development at genusLabs™ include:

  • Connector.


    Find out who in your network is the closest responder in an emergency!

  • Connector.


    Make sure your loved one’s environment is safe and secure.

  • Connector.


    Order up! Procure goods and services for the people you care about.

  • Connector.

    Voice Companion

    Put third party devices to work for mom.