Alexa, How’s Mom? Advanced Care through Smart Home Technology

provides_techImagine the scenario: mom wakes up and gets out of bed. Triggered by the motion sensors in the room, Amazon’s Alexa chimes in, “Hi Mary. How did you sleep?” Mom lets Alexa know that she didn’t sleep well because her back was hurting, and Alexa updates the members of mom’s genusConnect™ community of care and makes a note in her medical report.

The scene may seem derived from a still-distant utopian future, but it’s on the brink of becoming a reality. With nearly 21 Billion connected devices expected by 2020, smart home technology is quickly giving us the power to improve our lives, and the lives of those we care for. Because genusConnect™ was designed as an open platform, developers from across nestthe globe will be able to offer new modules to integrate resources like Alexa into the user experience.

It’s one of many technologies that could enhance the genusConnect™ experience. Others include sleep sensors, smart thermostats and devices that monitor the opening and closing of windows and doors. Technologies that don’t yet exist will continue to offer windows of opportunity for caregivers seeking better options for care.

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