Caring from Afar with genusConnect™


Near or far, caregivers want to know what they can do to care for the one they love. For those in other cities, states and countries, caring from a distance can pose more questions than answers – how is dad doing? What are his vital signs? How did his doctor’s visit go?

With genusConnect™, far away caregivers can care better with the simple touch of a button. At a glance, they’ll know the last time the person of care had a visit or a phone call, how that person is doing, what their recent vital signs are and so much more. They can also support caregivers in the area with social icons and comments to say “thank you” from a distance.

Features coming soon to the genusConnect™ app like Concierge will allow anyone in the care network to connect with preferred services in the area, from restaurants to florists, and use those services to thank fellow caregivers, or send love to the person of care.

Through the innovative genusConnect™ platform, technology bridges the gap between caregivers and those in need.