Come Prepared for Doctor’s Visits with genusConnect™

What are the dosages of your current medications? Is there a history of heart problems in your family? It can be difficult to remember the answers to these any other questions regarding your own medical history, let alone that of another person that you care for.Health Module

The health module in genusConnect™ makes doctor’s visits easier by keeping track of important health information and reporting it in an automatically-generated medical report that’s Medicare compliant and easy to use.

Within the health module, members of the community can fill out the person of care’s medical profile, including information that doctors and medical professionals commonly ask for. Updates on vital signs can be inputted throughout the month by various caregivers to keep health data up-to-date.

When it comes time to visit the doctor, or an emergency situation arises, those in the community of care can easily generate a medical report by selecting the “medical report” option within the health module. This concise report helps doctors attain the information they need faster, and makes medical visits of all kinds more informed and efficient.