Medicare Reporting at the Touch of a Button: genusConnect™ Meets Code 99490

subsubhead_bgenusConnect™ is the first app of its kind to offer a care plan that’s Medicare compliant with 99490, the code for chronic care management. The adherence is significant – it means that genusConnect™ is able to provide benefits to all who use it, including physicians, patients and their families.

Now, when communities of care enter health data about the person of care throughout the month, the data can be reported to the physician in an easy to use, automatically-generated medical report. The report that tells the doctor exactly what they need to know in order to manage the patient’s care in between visits.

As the doctor’s office reviews health data, they have the opportunity to intervene at any point by calling the patient if they see any red flags or fluctuations in health. Physicians benefit from the Medicare funding allocated to chronic care, and patients feel better cared for, knowing that their health is being monitored all month long.

For the family and caregivers of the patient, the peace of mind that ensues is priceless.