Peace of Mind in One Feature: Last in Touch

Community Module

When you launch genusConnect™, the first feature you’ll notice is Last in Touch. It’s no accident. At genus™, we know that much of the constant worry caregivers face comes from one simple question: is mom ok?

With this feature, you’ll know the last time someone reached out to the person of care – whether by phone or in person. Click on the feature and you’ll see specifics, like emotional and physical state of the person of care at the time of contact, and which caregiver checked in.

This feature is more than a call or visit log, it’s peace of mind at a glance. It’s knowing that your loved one is cared for anytime, day or night. It’s taking heart in the fact that, as a community, you’re working as a team again, and pulling together instead of pulling apart.

As caregivers ourselves, we at genus™ created the Last in Touch feature based on personal experience. In working with our siblings to care for our parents, we found that we needed a better way to keep track of visits without stepping on one another’s toes.

It’s one of many features that focus on coordination of care. Once inside of the community feature, you’ll find other important ways to collaborate with your network, including invitations to members, a shared calendar and even a group chat. They’re just a few of the ways that genusConnect™ helps you care better, together.