Care Engagement Platform, Built on Science

genusConnect is a care engagement platform offering seamless, mobile-enabled patient engagement for real time communication and resources among clinicians, patients, their families and community partners.

Rooted in the tenets of carePhysics® placing a strong emphasis on pivotal care aspects such as personalization, engagement, communication and community. 

genusAI creates evidence-based pathways of support that include tailored reminders, follow-up messages, health risk assessments and daily check-ins. 

Genus AI 5 elements

genusAI incorporates various large language models and machine learning for a comprehensive engagement ecosystem. 

genusAI embeds four pillars of logic
into its algorithms to ensure AI safely aligns with the wisdom, mission and knowledge of your organization.

Four PIllars

Together they optimize workflow, experience, connection and bottom line.

Value, Improved Outcomes




Quality scores

Turn over


How do we do it?

genus fosters meaningful connections between patients, families, and care teams. Our straightforward communication tools and relevant content boost engagement by providing clarity and support. This patient-centered approach ensures better adherence to care plans and positively impacts quality scores. Additionally, messaging infused participatory awareness and positive style examples of communications helps care teams feel appreciated and supported. By improving communication and engagement, genus creates better health outcomes.


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Built on ten scientifically-backed principles, carePhysics combines both idealistic and pragmatic aspects of patient care.

The first five evidenced based principles lay the groundwork for comprehensive patient care by focusing on holistic care, raising awareness, influencing behavior, enhancing communication, and nurturing community engagement.

The next five principles translate these idealisms into tangible actions through meaningful patient engagements, outcome-driven pathways, advanced technology,  infusion of AI, and a unique scoring system for continual enhancement.

genus - generation us

We are genus – All of us.  In the midst of profound change, genus stands those on the front lines; professionals, volunteers, families.. emphasizing the importance of collective wisdom and experience. The genusPlatform is designed to harness the potential of AI, amplifying the innate 'giver of care' within all of us. Each feature is a testament to real-world experiences and needs. We invite you to join us, infusing your expertise and passion, as we navigate this transformative journey in healthcare together.

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