Better care begins with better communication. Communicate, coordinate and care better together!

Now you’ll know…
…How everyone in the care network is doing.

What is genusConnect?

genusConnect™ is a care platform and app that unites caregivers (family, neighbors, volunteers, physicians) and empowers them with tools that are right for them today and tomorrow.

Emergency Response
Coordinate and plan your response to an emergency situation with the emergency module.

last in touch icon

Stay Connected
Know at a glance who was last in touch with the person of care and when.

calendar icon

Manage Tasks
Send Invites to social get togethers, Request assistance and scroll through the activity log.

Health module icon

Monitor Health
Keep a log of all critical vitals.

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Coordinate Communication
Community wide chat provides discussion on the person of care’s well being.

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Manage Medications
All medications for the person of care is listed in one place for the community.

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Monitor Physical and Emotional Well Being
Dynamically log observations made when spending time with the person of care.

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Care Report
All information logged into the platform is compiled into a single care report that is useful to you and your physician.

What sets genusConnect apart?

genusConnect™ is the first platform to take an open approach to caring. Partnering with developers and service providers, genusConnect™ becomes a standard platform that physicians, hospitals, home care, long term care, volunteer groups and others are adopting to provide better care.

What makes genusConnect the right choice? Passion!

genusConnect™ was created for caregivers by caregivers.   We know what it takes to create a service that is dependable.   More importantly, we are fellow ‘givers of care’ and we have learned from hundreds just like you.   Each feature was created to help all of us care better, together.

genusConnect works in all configurations of care circle
individual caregiver
Individual caregiver

It’s just you and your mom.   We are here to help. genusConnect™ is the perfect platform for you to stay connected and provide the personalized attention your mom needs.   Harness the power of community and local resources.

family network
Family network

You and your siblings work well as a team. Use genusConnect™ to communicate and collaborate in a way that provides loved ones with the attention they deserve.   Share the opportunity to care, become closer and enjoy peace of mind.

professional services
Professional services

genusConnect™ is the perfect tool for your care giving business.   Link your staff with your patients and clients in a revolutionary way that will make your business efficient, effective and appreciated in ways never possible before.

Pulling together vs Pulling apart

“The stress of caring for loved ones can pull a family apart. Services like genusConnect™ help families work together to understand care better and face the future together.   This results in less stress while strengthening families and improving care.”
Watch the video below to learn more about genusConnect™.