"AI is revolutionizing the way we do biomedical research.
AI-powered tools can help us to identify new targets for drug discovery and develop more effective treatments. This is leading to a more engaged and hopeful patient population."
Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health

Melding Science, Experience, and Advanced AI


Informed by Rigorous Research and Real-World Insights The genusPlatform seamlessly integrates the findings from extensive studies we've conducted, as well as from authoritative references we turn to for guidance. Melding this scientific research with invaluable experience and cutting-edge AI, the platform provides informed interactions at every touchpoint. At its core is carePhysics, dedicated to fostering genuine patient engagement and guiding optimal care pathways.

Discover the key studies and principles that underpin the genusPlatform:

  • Reminders & Encouragements: Harnessing behavioral cues to improve patient outcomes.
  • Behavioral Science & Content Delivery: Customizing content delivery to resonate with patient preferences.
  • AI-Powered Interactions: Driving meaningful conversations with the support of AI.
  • AI in Content Generation & Pathway Planning: Charting personalized patient journeys informed by AI analytics.
  • AI Assistance for Case Managers: Streamlining processes and enhancing communication.
  • Fostering Social Connections: Leveraging intelligent algorithms to build strong community ties.
  • Identifying Learning & Engagement Styles: Adapting content and interactions based on AI-derived insights.

Explore further to understand how AI, when complemented with carePhysics, is redefining our approach to care.

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The genusConnect platform is ever-evolving. Through pilots, studies, and IRBs, we've collaborated with health systems, community partners, foundations, and remote care partners across various groups. The genusTile was developed to support fall prevention in collaboration with UofM. Our rapid onboarding solution, 211-411, was designed to meet the needs of the Henry Ford Health System. Our coaching tools were refined through an IRB with R2AAA, and daily notifications were honed during the Meals on Wheels pilot with The Helm. Furthermore, our work with the My Density Matters foundation has enhanced patient awareness initiatives. It's the invaluable lessons from the front lines and feedback from our audiences that continue to shape and drive our platform's essential features.

Reminders & Encouragements

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Diverse studies consistently spotlight the immense value of reminders and encouragements, especially when they are tailored and personalized. Summarizing the findings across multiple sectors:

  1. Healthcare: Post-discharge reminders, when customized to the patient's condition and recovery stage, have been shown to drastically reduce hospital readmissions. Such tailored communications ensure not just adherence to medications, but foster an active participation in their own recovery journey.

  2. Community Involvement: Personalized encouragements to volunteers amplify their connection to the cause. Studies indicate that when reminders resonate with individual experiences, it cultivates a deeper commitment to community projects.

  3. General Engagement: Across various domains, be it education or corporate sectors, customized reminders have been observed to bolster task completion rates and commitment levels. The power of personal touch in communications acts as a catalyst, driving motivation and a sense of belonging.

The evidence is clear: Personalized post follow-up communication plays a pivotal role in enhancing outcomes and fostering deeper engagement. Dive deeper into these insights—watch the video on the right, explore the detailed articles, or pose your queries to genusAI. We're here to illuminate and inform.

Behavioral Science & Content Delivery 

The nexus between behavioral science and content delivery has been extensively researched, with several key findings emerging:

  1. Healthcare: Patients are more likely to understand and adhere to medical advice when presented in a manner aligned with their cognitive and emotional preferences. This personalization has been linked to improved health outcomes and reduced readmissions.

  2. Community Outreach: Campaigns that leverage behavioral insights to tailor messages see higher engagement levels, resulting in greater participation in community initiatives and programs.

  3. Engagement Platforms: Platforms that adapt content based on individual behavioral preferences not only experience higher user retention but also see users applying and benefiting from the information more effectively.

These findings emphasize the transformative potential of merging behavioral science with content strategies. For a deeper dive into the research, peruse the detailed studies, view the accompanying video, or interact with genusAI for further exploration.

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AI-Powered Interactions 

Enriching Engagements through Advanced Algorithms

Interactions, whether they're engagement reviews, online social group discussions, or case manager conversations, have seen transformative enhancements with the infusion of AI:

  1. Healthcare: AI tools have been pivotal in deciphering patient sentiments during interactions, directing them towards relevant health resources, leading to informed healthcare decisions and improved outcomes.

  2. Community Engagement: AI-driven platforms have fostered enriching community interactions by providing real-time, context-aware information, amplifying community outreach and engagement.

  3. Education and Training: AI has redefined learning experiences, customizing content delivery based on individual learner interactions, ensuring better understanding and retention.

These advancements highlight AI's potential to tailor and elevate interactions across various sectors. Dive deeper into the accompanying research, view the associated video, or explore genusAI for a comprehensive understanding of these AI-enriched interactions.

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Identifying Learning & Engagement Styles

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Multiple studies underscore the importance of recognizing individual learning and engagement styles, with AI playing a crucial role in personalizing experiences:

  1. Adaptive Learning Pathways: Research indicates that real-time adjustments to content, based on an individual's learning pace and style, significantly enhance the learning experience. AI analysis is pivotal in achieving this adaptive learning approach.

  2. Engagement Patterns: Studies have observed that understanding how users interact with content is vital. AI insights offer a lens into these engagement patterns, guiding refinements in delivery style, frequency, and medium to resonate more effectively with the audience.

  3. Feedback Integration: The continuous evolution of content and its delivery is backed by findings that emphasize the value of integrating user feedback. AI-powered platforms stand out in assessing both explicit and implicit feedback, ensuring alignment with user preferences.

These research-backed insights have greatly informed the genusPlatform's approach to engagement. Dive deeper into the findings through our detailed articles, informative videos, or engage directly with genusAI for more insights.

Concluding Thoughts: Infused with Purpose and Insight.

We are honored to be part of such groundbreaking research initiatives that are poised to drive transformative change. These studies don't just inform our methods; they shape the very essence of the genusPlatform. By bringing together the key findings from diverse fields, we've created a platform that integrates the pinnacle of engagement science with state-of-the-art AI, all under the guidance of carePhysics. This holistic approach ensures that every interaction is deeply meaningful and evidence-based. More than just technological prowess, our platform strengthens relationships and fosters genuine connections, reinforcing our mission to build a brighter, more interconnected future.

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