“Throughout our journey, we've been molded and inspired by amazing individuals - caregivers, health leaders, frontliners, and researchers. Their dedication and passion drive us, keeping us both humbled and exhilarated about the future”
Joe Gleason, genus CEO

About genusConnect

Rooted in Care, Built on Experience

Originally established as a care app for families, genusPlatform has matured through pivotal pilots, in-depth studies, and real-world validation into a comprehensive engagement platform.

The genusPlatform offers robust tools that harness the power of AI, fusing efficiency, compassion, and connection, all while adhering to the guiding principles of carePhysics.

Today, our unwavering mission resonates as "a community of care around every person in need".

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Guiding Principles, Enduring Commitments

Our mission is to set a new standard for healthcare engagement. By intertwining advanced AI, holistic care principles, and user-centric tools, genusPlatform strives to elevate every interaction, making healthcare more connected, personalized, and impactful.


Empowering Every Journey with Purpose

  1. Innovation & IntegrationAt genus, we believe in leveraging technology to enhance human interactions and foster community bonds within healthcare. Our continuous innovation ensures our solutions are seamlessly integrated, creating a foundation for meaningful connections and a stronger healthcare community.

  2. Empowerment Through Connection: We value the essence of genuine connections as the cornerstone of healthcare. Our AI tools and engagement platforms empower every individual—be it a patient, caregiver, or professional—creating a network of support and enhancing the sense of community among all stakeholders.

  3. Ethical Advancement: Our ethical commitment guides our journey in advancing AI and engagement solutions. We prioritize user well-being and privacy, ensuring our technological advancements contribute to a nurturing and trustworthy community environment within healthcare.

  4. Holistic Care & Engagement: We perceive healthcare as a holistic endeavor encompassing medicine, understanding, compassion, and community engagement. Our tools are designed to foster personalized care and community connections, ensuring every individual feels valued and part of a supportive community.

  5. Continuous Evolution: In the dynamic realm of healthcare technology, our commitment to continuous learning, adaptation, and evolution is unwavering. We value feedback, research, and community collaboration, ensuring our solutions evolve to meet the changing needs of individuals and communities, keeping us at the forefront of meaningful engagement and care.

  6. Community Engagement: We are dedicated to nurturing vibrant communities within healthcare. Through our platform, we aim to facilitate meaningful social connections, enabling shared experiences, support networks, and a collective pursuit of better health outcomes. Our vision is a healthcare ecosystem where every individual can actively engage, contribute, and find a sense of belonging.



Nurtured in Care, Shaped by Experience, Augmented by AI, Anchored in Science

Established in 2015, genusConnect is rooted in a mission to elevate care through connection. We have been self-funded by our founder and supported by partners who believe in our vision. Key collaborations with organizations like Henry Ford Health System and University of Michigan have allowed us to validate our solutions through IRB-approved pilots and studies.

Learn more about these on our studies page, including learnings from our work in India exploring hospital discharge and community connections. genusConnect supported thousands of patients and families, and our platform is integrated into programs nationally. We are poised for growth as we continue licensing our state-of-the-art technology and expanding our enterprise solutions. By reviewing our research and pilots, you can understand our commitment to evidence-based innovation.

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Envisioning a Compassionate Tomorrow

In the coming years, genus solutions will continue to pioneer the seamless integration of advanced AI and human compassion. We envision a future where our platforms empower personalized engagement, making every healthcare interaction more efficient, inclusive, and meaningful. By bridging technology and human connections, we aim to redefine patient experiences and set a new standard for care.