“AI will NOT replace Physicians,
Physicians who use AI will replace Physicians who do not use AI”
Carolyn Meltzer,
MD Dean of Keck School of Medicine of USC

genusAI: a Concierge for Care

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genusAI is an advanced technological framework comprised of five essential components, each developed to enhance and streamline engagement processes for organizations. This isn't just about technology for technology's sake. It's about purposeful integration.

Embedded within genusAI are four pillars of logic. These aren't arbitrary; they have been thoughtfully designed to align closely with an organization's core mission and values. By doing so, genusAI ensures that technological advancements are always in harmony with organizational objectives, providing a safe, consistent, efficient, and ethical approach to engagement.

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What is AI

Adding tremendous power to language

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computer systems that can perform tasks and exhibit behaviors that typically require human intelligence and perception. AI encompasses a broad range of technologies like machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more.

Within AI, generative AI has emerged as a rapidly advancing subset of techniques focused on auto-generating new content like text, images, video, and audio. Popular examples of generative AI include chatbots, text generation models like GPT-3, and image/video generation systems like DALL-E 2 and Stable Diffusion.

A key characteristic of many generative AI systems is that they are trained on vast datasets of existing content like text corpora or image collections. By recognizing patterns in these training datasets, generative models can produce new outputs in the same style. However, this data-driven approach can lead to problematic biases, inaccuracies, or inappropriate content if not carefully monitored.


8 Layers of genusAI for Safe Adoption


8 Layers of the genusAI Integration Framework for Safe Adoption

The presented visual outlines the intricate architecture of the genusAI system, ensuring its safe and efficient adoption by health systems. Let's delve deeper into each layer:

AI (Artificial Intelligence):
The foundation of genusAI, representing the core algorithms and machine learning models. This level emphasizes raw, open language operations which are the basis for generating industry-standard responses.

Global AI Regulations, Privacy, & Data Security: genusAI operates in adherence to international AI regulations and established norms. It vets AI responses for compliance with legal and safety standards. Additionally, privacy boards are involved to ensure the utmost protection of user data, and rigorous data security measures are implemented to safeguard against unauthorized access and breaches.

Filtering & Bias Rectification: genusAI integrates a refined filtering layer, adept at processing vast AI data, ensuring onl relevant content reaches the user. Simultaneously, a robust bias detection system identifies and swiftly rectifies any biases, maintaining fairness in interactions.

Sand Box: An experimental layer providing a controlled environment for the AI. It allows for the safe exploration and testing of AI capabilities, ensuring they're refined before deployment.

Feedback: A dynamic layer collecting insights both from staff and public to iteratively improve the AI. Its feedback loop ensures the system constantly evolves to meet user demands and expectations.

Customize: Tailoring AI to align with specific organizational demands, this layer allows for the system's values and ethos to shine through. It ensures responses not only meet technical criteria but also align with system resources and values.

Personalize: A layer focusing on the end-user, it emphasizes two-way communication to ensure sensitive interactions. By being context-aware, it offers more personalized and relevant responses, enhancing the user experience.

Community:The apex of the framework, symbolizing the highest level of system integration. Operating through community feedback and evolution, it ensures the AI system remains cohesive, interconnected, and consistently aligned with overarching organizational goals.

By integrating these layers, genusAI establishes a robust framework that prioritizes safety, efficiency, and user-centricity. Health systems can thus confidently adopt and integrate genusAI, knowing it's built on principles that uphold the highest standards of care and innovation.

Chat Companion

The simple, human, and fast way to engage!

Our Chat Companion is designed to be a cutting-edge tool that seamlessly blends technology and human-centric principles. From versatile engagement methods to ensuring inclusivity and easy sharing, discover a host of features tailored to enhance every interaction. 

  • Versatile Engagement: Offers both chat and "wall" engagements, tailored to align with your organization's ethos.

  • Efficient Communication: Uses cached responses for timely interactions and insights from genus agents for precision.

  • Behavioral Science: Enriched with CarePhysics to foster positive, tension-free interactions.

  • Resource Integration: Seamlessly connects with in-system and community assets, ensuring relevant information is at hand.

  • Accessibility: 508c compliant with features like text-to-speech and multi-language support, ensuring inclusivity.

  • Easy Sharing: Conversations can be shared via links or saved as PDFs for future reference.


Content Engine

Next-Gen Content Creation

Delve into the next generation of content creation with our AI-powered Content Engine. It meticulously crafts pathways tailored to both patient requirements and team training goals. Within its advanced staging area, the system evaluates and optimizes available content for maximum relevance.

The result? Rich engagement tiles, consistent daily check-ins, and meaningful interactions. With AI at its core, our coaching sessions are transformed, achieving unparalleled personalization that truly resonates with every individual's unique needs. Experience content strategy that's not just intelligent, but deeply impactful.

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Engagement coPilot

Science Meets Care

Personalized Engagement: The CoPilot offers unparalleled personalization by integrating comprehensive behavioral profile suport techniques. This ensures each user's experience is distinctively tailored, enhancing patient journeys.

Maximized Efficiency: Acting on real-time insights, the CoPilot streamlines interactions, ensuring meaningful communication from the outset.

Positive Impact: Focused on tangible outcomes, it uses real-time feedback to influence healthier patient choices, anchored in carePhysics' principles.

Science & Values Driven: Merging technology with carePhysics and aligning with partner values, the CoPilot emphasizes empathetic and purposeful engagement.

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Training Coach

Guided Skill Development

The Training Coach utilizes Mingle, the Wall, and Tiles to deliver tailored learning pathways catered to team development needs. Interactive AI mechanisms enable real-time role-playing and feedback engagement. This dynamic environment empowers users to seek clarity when needed, ensuring a profound understanding of subjects.

Review our studies to see how AI-enabled interactive feedback allows audiences to feel free to ask questions, explore concepts, and greatly improves engagement, learning, and the ability to bring new ideas forward. The Training Coach facilitates impactful learning through personalized pathways and AI-interactivity designed to optimize participation


Analytics Advisor

Beyond Numbers

Dive deep into data with our Analytic Advisor, which offers meticulously crafted reports grounded in data. Beyond mere numbers, it provides expert-level insights, guiding users with actionable strategies and step-by-step execution plans. What sets it apart is its holistic approach: it integrates feedback from the Companion, Content Engine, Engagement CoPilot, and Training, all while aligning with the overarching organizational objectives. This ensures that insights are not only valuable but also relevant and actionable

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genusAI Agents

Assigned Specialists 

 These are AI agents that can be assigned to individuals to provide personalized support, reminders, and recommendations. Agents can also be given specific roles, like monitoring home health patients and alerting care teams to potential issues.

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4 Pillars of Logic

Supporting Goals, Mission and Values

These four pillars of algorithms synergistically work together, forming the backbone of genusAI's transformative healthcare engagement.

  • Workflow: genusAI integrates with healthcare workflows for efficiency and a superior user experience, automating tasks to let providers focus on high-value activities.
  • Experience: Prioritizing intuitive, user-focused interactions, our AI intuitively understands and simplifies user experiences to be inclusive and enriching.
  • Behavioral Science: Incorporating behavioral psychology, genusAI drives engagement using techniques like reinforcement and nudging.
  • Business: Aligning with healthcare goals, genusAI enhances patient experiences, reduces costs, and boosts ROI.

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How the Components Work Together

Supporting Goals, Mission and Values

The genusAI components work cohesively to provide coordinated, personalized support throughout the healthcare journey. The chat companion and content engine interact with patients directly, providing education and resources. The analytics advisor and engagement guide inform these interactions by analyzing conversational and usage data. The training coach prepares providers to have empathetic engagements, while personal agents provide customized support. Together, fueled by behavioral science, these components aim to make AI-driven healthcare more efficient, effective, and human-centered.

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Future of AI and Connections 

Beyond AI: Societal Progress

We Imagine a world where technology amplifies our innate compassion and desire to support one another. With genusAI, we're not just envisioning it, but actively building towards it. We see a future where even those who once sought help become empowered volunteers, extending their hand to others in need. This is more than just an AI evolution; it's a societal transformation, steering community engagements towards deeper connections and collective progress.