"AI is changing the way we think about patient engagement. In the past, we focused on educating patients about their condition and encouraging them to adhere to their treatment plan. But with AI, we can now go beyond that..."
Dr. John Halamka, Chief Information Officer
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

genus is Based on carePhysics®, the Science of Engagement 

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The genusPlatform, anchored by genusAI, is at the forefront of transforming healthcare delivery, operating within the comprehensive carePhysics framework to optimize patient experiences and outcomes. This framework, anchored by ten robust principles, marries both the aspirational and pragmatic facets of patient care.

The first half of these principles champion holistic care, awareness, behavioral influence, communication, and community outreach. The latter half translates these foundational ideas into practical applications, leveraging advanced technologies, AI infusion, and a distinct scoring system for iterative enhancement.

Based on these principles, the platform meticulously integrates the 12 C's of Content and the 12 E's of Engagement, ensuring each interaction is deeply resonant and uniquely tailored. This comprehensive approach ensures content is not just delivered, but truly connects, and engagements are not merely transactions, but transformative journeys. By unifying these elements, the genusPlatform not only rejuvenates healthcare culture but pioneers a more holistic, patient-focused ecosystem.

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The Importance of Science in Proactive Healthcare

Enhanced Health Engagement and Community Well-being.

The potential for transformative change through the evidence-based models and theories that constitute carePhysics cannot be overstated. Utilizing AI for data analysis and supportive messaging, we aim to enhance engagement and health awareness. This initiative extends beyond medical outcomes, impacting families, communities, and potentially future generations. It also aids healthcare teams in creating effective content and engagement workflows, advancing health and well-being.

By initiating the principles outlined below, based on evidence-based theories, we can orchestrate purpose-driven engagements. This shifts the focus from mere identification and treatment to a predictive and prescriptive model based on proven methodologies, preemptively addressing medical and emotional challenges through behavioral adaptations and awareness education. This proactive approach fosters a preventive healthcare landscape beneficial to health systems, individuals, and communities alike.


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Principles 1-5 Ideations

The initial five principles, termed "Idealisms," are grounded in foundational values and goals, drawing from decades of validated research to foster a deep understanding and application in care.

1. Holistic Care: Treating each patient as a whole person by addressing their social, emotional, and medical needs. This principle emphasizes providing wrap-around support beyond just physical health.
2. Awareness: Ensuring patients understand their diagnosis, treatment options, medication instructions, and the importance of lifestyle choices through education and clear communication.
3. Behavioral Influence: Utilizing techniques from psychology and social sciences to positively influence health behaviors and empower lifestyle changes. This principle draws upon approaches like motivational interviewing and goal setting.
4. Communication: Promoting compassionate, patient-centered communication strategies to build trust between patients, families, and providers. Programs like Caring Communications help enable this principle.
5. Community: Fostering a sense of interconnectedness and collaboration between patients, families, caregivers, and community partners to provide inclusive care.


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Principles 6-10 Implementations

The subsequent five principles, termed "Implementations," translate foundational ideals into tangible implementations, deriving insights from practical applications and innovations in care delivery.

6. Engagements: Designing personalized and engaging content that educates and empowers patients to take an active role in their care.
7. Pathways: Creating customized care pathways that define goals and deliver coordinated engagements and resources to guide patients through their healthcare journey.
8. Technology: Utilizing technology to make care more efficient, personalized, and collaborative through remote monitoring, care coordination apps, telehealth, etc.
9. Care AI: Incorporating AI to generate insights, automate tasks, and provide tailored recommendations that enhance patient care and engagement.
10. Scoring: Continuously evaluating and optimizing engagements and pathways to drive improvements in care delivery and health outcomes.

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Together carePhysics Enriches and Engagement at all Levels

carePhysics, at its core, unites the behavioral science foundational to genusAI, blending evidence-based strategies with the ethos of organizational missions and values. These 10 interconnected principles leverage modern technology and various design principles to reshape the healthcare culture and delivery. But beyond this, they directly influence the AI-driven generation of personalized pathways and the meticulous creation of engagement tiles.

This foundational approach empowers more insightful coaching engagements and ensures genusAI's Analytics Advisor produces holistic recommendations. The combination of carePhysics and genusAI not only deepens relationships and optimizes outcomes but also creates a cohesive framework for tiles, pathways, coaching, and analytics. Together, they harness our shared humanity, driving a concerted movement toward a more compassionate and equitable healthcare future.


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The Light Bulb Went on, the Need for Content, Smart Content

After building a powerful platform with state-of-the-art engagement tools, it became abundantly clear that just delivering meaningful content and personal engagements wasn't enough. We realized the paramount importance of supporting the design and creation processes in a way that truly resonated with individuals across the healthcare spectrum—be it clinicians, medical professionals, caregivers, patients, or family members. This understanding was the light bulb moment that led to the inception of genusAI. Rooted in the principles of CarePhysics, our platform is crafted not only to assign and encourage but is also intensively trained on the intricacies of content design and engagement strategies.

"Rather than feeling like a deer caught in the headlights, overwhelmed and isolated, we aim to ensure every patient and their support network feel equipped, understood, and profoundly supported every step of the way.


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The 12 C's of Content

The 12 C's rooted in carePhysics serve as check list and encapsulate our approach to content creation and delivery. 

  1. Curated: Content sourced from trusted foundations.
  2. Consistent: Familiar formats for ease and clarity.
  3. Clarity: Ensuring user-friendly comprehension.
  4. Connects: Personalized experiences to bond with users.
  5. Conveys: Effective and clear communication methods.
  6. Customized: Experiences tailored for individual needs.
  7. Community: Celebrating collective strength.
  8. Collaborative: Harnessing teamwork and joint endeavors.
  9. Compassion: Embedding empathy in every interaction.
  10. Comedy: Adding humor for relatability and joy.
  11. Correlated: Aligning content with current relevance.
  12. Crowd-Sourced: Valuing insights from diverse sources.

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The 12 E's of Engagement

The 'E's of Engagement echo the principles of carePhysics, ensuring each connection resonates deeply and meaningfully with individual needs.

  1. Empathy: Genuine understanding and compassion in every interaction.
  2. Education: Tailoring knowledge to align with individual learning styles.
  3. Encouragement: Inspiring patients using positive reinforcement techniques.
  4. Efficiency: Timely, relevant interactions that prioritize patient needs.
  5. Empowerment: Boosting patient confidence to manage their health.
  6. Exploration: Guiding patients to relevant health resources.
  7. Enrichment: Enhancing patient well-being and health goals.
  8. Evaluation: Continually refining engagement strategies.
  9. Elicit Feedback: Valuing and adapting to patient input.
  10. Environment: Ensuring open communication in a safe space.
  11. Endorsement: Celebrating patient successes and growth.
  12. Expansion: Evolving techniques for individual patient needs.

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careTiles™: Delivery Mechanism for Content and Engagement

careTiles™ serve as the mechanism, harmoniously integrating CarePhysics principles, AI-driven insights, the 'E's of Engagement, and the 'C's of Content. These tiles, whether videos, photos, PDFs, or surveys, are more than mere information; they are experiences. Designed to resonate deeply, they educate, raise awareness, facilitate check-ins, promote social pairing, and so much more. With the power of AI, each careTile™ is tailored to its audience, ensuring meaningful interactions that go beyond traditional care, establishing them as a cornerstone in the genus ecosystem.

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careNudges™: Personalized Reminders and Encouragements   

Combining carePhysics principles with AI-driven insights, careNudges™ deliver personalized encouragements, reminders, and onboarding experiences tailored to individual caregiving roles. Whether it's for the primary caregiver coordinating care nearby or a distant family member aiming to connect through humor and memories, careNudges™ ensures the right message reaches the right person at the right moment. Dive into a curated library, customize existing nudges, or create your unique sequences to inspire meaningful and heartfelt connections in caregiving.

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