“The genusPlatform represents a shared vision of revolutionizing engagement. Combining genusAI and carePhysics®, we've turned what was once a dream into a sharable reality." 
Joe Gleason, genus CEO

Platform, Infused with AI Centered on Behavioral Science

Powerful tools, supported by AI  with purpose

At the heart of our mission, the genusPlatform seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology with human-centric engagement. We offer a suite of public-facing tools, all of which can be branded and white-labeled to align with our partners' unique identities. These tools have revolutionized aspects of care coordination, from our dedicated care app and accessible public wall to our innovative 60-second onboarding process.

For our partners, the genusPlatform unfolds as a robust portal, meticulously designed for audience engagement, content creation, and efficient management. This comprehensive suite is supercharged by genusAI, a transformative force that ushers in unparalleled efficiency and deeper connections.

But the true essence of the genusPlatform lies in its foundation – carePhysics. It's not just about technology; it's the science of engagement, ensuring every interaction is meaningful, insightful, and purpose-driven.


Public Facing Engagement Tools 

Connecting together, caring better.

genusCareApp:  A comprehensive care app, genusConnect bridges the communication gap between patients, families, caregivers, and care teams. With integrated calendars, chat functions, and more, staying connected has never been easier."

genusWall: Public media wall where genusTiles come alive. From public access and training, to social parings with interactive media, it's your window to interactive content, which can embedded or stand alone.

genusTiles:  Experience diverse content with genusTiles. Swipe through related videos, dive into informative articles, or engage with interactive questions, organized and paired with the AI chat Companion. 

genusMingle: Step into virtual rooms with genusMingle. Chat, discuss, or simply watch videos together, fostering connections and shared experiences. Moderation enhanced with genusAI. 

genusLobby: Pairs individuals based on skills, roles, and needs for meaningful interactions.

211-411 Service:  Place engagements in motion, in seconds, texting a genusCode to 211-411 pairs mobile # with define sequence of interactive resources. 

Influence Outcomes, the genusPortal

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Influence positive outcomes.

Your gateway to the genus universe. Access, create, and engage with our suite of tools designed for partners.

genusCommunity: Manage and communicate with your unique community of patients, families, and care teams, all centered around holistic care.

Engagement Manager: genusAI-coPilot supports optimal review and engagements within your genusCommunity. Get a comprehensive overview of interactions, suggested call scripts, live interact coaching, trends, and areas of opportunity.

genusCoach: Empower interactive remote conversations using cutting-edge AI. Enhance understanding and engagement through real-time feedback and adaptive conversations.

genus Content Engine: Your hub for AI-powered content creation and management. Design and curate elements for genusTiles with ease and efficiency.

genusPaths: Craft tailored engagement pathways that guide patients through their healthcare journey, ensuring a personalized and effective experience.

211-411 Management: 
genusCodes: Customize functionalities within the platform, triggering predefined engagements to cater to specific partner needs.

genusCampaigns: Reach out en masse with our bulk communication tool, ideal for onboarding and major announcements.


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Onboard Your Audience in Seconds 

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The simple, human, and fast way to engage!

  • Instant Access for All: One simple text of the unique careCode to 211-411 opens the door. No downloads, no lengthy sign-ups. Just instant connection to any device, service, or resource.

  • Adaptable & Universal: Whether you're in a clinic, office, or a public event, careCode SMS ensures seamless onboarding in a mere 60 seconds. It's an elegant solution designed for every situation.

  • Human-Centric Design: We've crafted careCode SMS to fit effortlessly into the human workflow. By simply asking a patient, client, or audience member to text their code, they are paired with the relevant mobile device or service, simplifying the user journey.

  • Unlocking Potential: But it's more than just onboarding. careCode SMS acts as a gateway, introducing users to a range of services, information, and pathways tailored to their needs. It's the first step in a transformative experience.

Step into the future of patient and client engagement. Where technology is molded around humanity, and every text bridges the gap between innovation and care.

Ask our Chat Companion, how we can help you, today! 

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