All the tools for care in one place

for families and providers

All the tools for care in one place

for families and providers

“Picture if
YouTube, Facebook, What’s app and Zoom, got together with leading care partners and built a platform for helping us reconnect to what matters most!”

Joe Gleason, genus CEO

Influence outcomes, the genus portal.

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View, access and influence outcomes

The genus partner portal provides integrated access to the complete genus platform.   

Care partners can now inspire and influence outcomes with the latest in interactive content delivery and communication.  Take a proactive lead with real-time risk monitoring, KPI's, burnout indicators and more. 

Designed to save time, genus offers easy integration into your workflow and systems with API’s and simple text-to-start options.

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Caring better, together,  through family engagement.

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Connecting together, caring better.

The new standard in connecting families. No download required, genus delivers daily engagement

Families and care partners meet virtually, share interactive videos and engage.   A complete, integrated solution with live chat, calendar, medical management, content delivery and more.   

Easy to use.  Engage your audience in seconds. 

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The simple, human, and fast way to engage!

No download, no account, no complications.   Families and patients text your careCode to 211-411.

Integrated, virtual family meetings.

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Face-to-face, virtually.

Virtual meetings for patients and caregivers with no download!

Included with genusConnect and available separately. genusMeet uses Zoom-like technology and is secure with end-to-end encryption and personalized for family interactions.

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Deliver interactive and engaging content.

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Like YouTube™ for care,  but better!

Deliver interactive content with purpose. Your branded CareWall can be embedded on your website or shared directly. Your careWall can also be included inside of genusConnect. Ideal for patient and caregiving education.   Learn more.

Communicate, text, chat directly. 

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Text messaging for today's care

Text one, our thousands,  deliver reminders, schedule appointments, initiate virtual meetings, share videos, PDF’s and more.

With genus platform, real-time chats can transition to virtual meetings or complemented with interactive videos!  Learn more.

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Record, play and share care instructions.

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Voice-recorded instructions, branded and connected.

Research confirms patients and their families forget 80% of what they are told at discharge.  Let's change that.

Offer your patients and caregivers the ability to record, play and share discharge care instructions. With branded content, directing them to your portal, careVoice improves patient satisfaction and compliance.