Joe Gleason
CEO and co-founder

Much of genusConnect™ stems from the ad-hoc services put together so his family (6 siblings and extended family) could work effectively together. While caring for his father, Jack Gleason (who had Alzheimer’s), Joe’s mother was feeling the strains of being the primary giver of care. His mother, Mary Gleason, continues to be an inspiration for new ideas and a reminder why caregivers benefit from working closely together.

genusConnect™ represents a culmination of projects all centered around bringing people together on the internet.

  • One of the largest educational software design & distribution companies
  • A web hosting service for small businesses, with over 100,000 sites
  • A tribute service that pre-dated Facebook, allowing family members to have a site to pay tribute to those they lose and continue to collect stories
  • A video Tribute service that allowed videos to quickly be created for funeral services, reaching millions with an inspirational messages and images of reflections.

“To me, genusConnect™ represents the perfect combination of passions and experiences of the co-founding team. genusConnect™ provides caregivers with the resources and tools they need to work together to deliver the best possible care. As an open platform, technology providers, care providers, neighbors, friends, siblings, and grandchildren can come together in an elegant positive way.

All of us at the team see genusConnect™ as something that is truly a community company, harnessing the best in all of us. We see genusConnect™ growing into something we (our team, our community) can be proud of for generations to come.”

Patrick Rio
VP of Marketing and Co-founder

Pat and Joe began discussing genusConnect™ years back as Joe was working through care related concerns for his parents and family needs.  As a system interface designer and marketing consultant for fortune 500 companies, Pat was able to apply that work history and help bring concepts together in a way that supported a positive friendly user experience.

“As we began developing genusConnect™, it became clear to me that this wasn’t just a project.  genusConnect™ represents something that allowed me to fully utilize the skills and contacts I had in the medical market.   Overseeing the brand and knowing that millions could benefit from it has been a rewarding journey so far.”

Pat is current owner and president of a UI design and graphics company known as RAVEstudio, LLC. In addition to owning RAVEstudio, LLC., Pat holds a Master’s degree in Architecture and is registered  in two states and nationally certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.

Karen Hopman

Karen joins genus, Inc with a deep understanding of medical practice management and operations.   She brings 20+ years of experience in the field and has served as President of the Michigan Medical Management Group Association.  Karen understands that challenges and needs hospitals, doctors offices and patients face when trying to coordinate care.

“So many times, I’ve watched as well meaning patients come into the office with a bag of mom’s medications and folders of documents, overwhelmed by the situation. genus, Inc. represents a chance to streamline and organize the care giving process, improving the health and well being of not only the patients but also those supporting them.”

Biju Jacob

Biju Joins Genus with deep system architecture and cloud development experience, with over 20 years of experience creating technology solutions for clients in the healthcare and insurance industries.  At genus, he helps ensure rapidly scalable systems that are secure and robust to support the companies mission of “building a community of care around every person in need.”  Biju understands the important role of data integration in efficient interface and database architecture, ensuring supportive frameworks for the needs of the patients as well as the care community.

 “What attracted me to genus was deep commitment for strengthening the caregiver network during the process of care.    With my background, I saw all too often the challenges coordinating care information has had on all aspects of the care continuum… I am honored and excited to infuse that experience into a powerful platform that will be forefront to change”

Advisory Board Members
Chris Uhl

VP Social Innovation, The Skillman Foundation

Chris Uhl is the Foundation’s vice president, social innovation. He guides the Foundation’s social innovation work, including a portfolio of innovative grants with both longtime partners and unlikely allies. He also leads work involving PRIs and other creative financing vehicles. He is driven by the belief that all Detroit kids should have the same opportunities that kids in the greater Detroit region have and believes using market solutions to approach systemic problems will lead to better, more sustainable results.

Don Crowder, PhD

Past President, Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB)

Dr. Crowder received his PhD from University of Health Sciences, Chicago Medical School (now Rosalind Franklin University) in clinical psychology with emphasis on Medical Psychology and Neuropsychology in 1982. He was involved in the clinical division of the Wisconsin Psychological Association, and took an active role in successful efforts to change Wisconsin’s psychology licensing law from a title protection to a practice act. He was also involved in restructuring the Wisconsin Psychological Association so that one organization represented all psychologists.

Dennis Ramus, MD, F.A.A.F.P, CPA

Board Chair of The Physicians Alliance

Dr. Ramus is board certified in Family Medicine. His seven-physician practice have been leaders in the Patient-Centered Medical Home, CPC and CPC+ programs. Dennis is the Board Chair of The Physicians Alliance (one of the largest physician organizations in SE Michigan with 2,100+ members).

Paul Sutherland

CEO Global Investments Lead investor

President and Chief Investment office of Financial & Investment Management Group, Ltd. (FIM Group), a Traverse City, Michigan-based registered investment adviser that manages investment portfolios on a discretionary basis for individuals, trusts, foundations, and retirement plans. Paul is also CEO of the Utopia Foundation, founded in 2007, which is focused on supporting projects and people that have the desire to create sustainable improvements in the livelihoods of those in need. Paul is also the owner of Spirituality and health Magazine and the author of several book centered on inspiration and awakening and development of the human spirit.