"AI is the future of healthcare.
We need to start exploring the possibilities today."
- Dr. Eric Topol, cardiologist, author of Deep Medicine

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Step 1 - Get Your Sandbox (24 hours):

  • We will set up 2 genusCodes and walls for your system
    • Public code and wall for your audience to explore
    • Training code and wall for internal team members
  • Both Include starter content for your market. 

The sandbox offers a powerful way for your organization to safely, comfortably explore the possibilities of AI and support creative positive conversations that foster meaningful adoption. 

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Step 1 - 24 hours, yes we can do that. 

  • The public wall comes preloaded with approved content modules and Q&A for common topics
  • Your team can start exploring conversations with the AI chat companion.  You may share this with public and community partners for feedback and use in current workflows elevate immediate pain points.
  • Public texts your genusCode to 211-411 to gain access and initiate engagement.
  • Your employees text your genusTrainingCode to 211-411 to learn potential for AI and serves to share examples, collect feedback in an efficient positive environment. 
  • Minimal setup and training needed to start safe exploration
  • Gain insights into AI capabilities and public response in just 24 hours

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Step 2 - Customization (1-3 months)

  • Based on learnings from sandbox, determine focus areas to deploy genusAI first

    • Ex: chat companion for discharge support, content delivery etc

Align your mission, values, protocols, educational materials with workflows or use genusAI content engine to curate and help your team plan and create pathways and engagements for your needs. 

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Step 2:  Customize for your needs.

  • Partners can submit additional content like videos, care protocols, consent forms, and educational PDFs to align pathways with their workflows.

  • Partners have access to a content portal and creation tools. This allows:

    • Uploading existing videos, documents, protocols etc.
    • Creating new interactive tiles with videos, images, questions
    • Curating content into customized pathways for conditions
    • Aligning to local community resources
  • genusAI's content engine can help:

    • Audit and refine existing content
    • Assist in creating new tiles, videos and questions
    • Align pathways to behavioral approaches
  • Custom 211-411 codes can be created for discharge scenarios, specialties, or patient groups.

  • Codes trigger tailored pathways when texted by patients.

  • Our team of experts are available to guide you through customizing solutions for your system.

  • This stage allows deeper content customization before personalization.

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Step 3 - Personalization (3+ months)

  • Integrate with your system through secure APIs
  • Enable personalized content recommendations and conversational guidance and Realtime coaching an call center integration. 
  • Connect care teams into workflows powered by genusAI features
  • Ongoing refinement of content libraries, codes, integrations as needs and markets evolve. 

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  • Integrating via APIs enables personalized interactions based on users history across your ecosystem.

  • This allows:

    • Personalized content recommendations
    • Conversational guidance tailored to individual factors
    • Flagging of risks and timely interventions
  • Your enagement teams connect into workflows powered by genusAI features:

    • Coaching and conversation analytics
    • Intervention prompts and alerts
    • Integration with existing apps
  • Continued refinement of content, codes, and integrations ensures relevancy.

  • Consulting services available to ensure optimal system interoperability.

  • Full capabilities unlocked with seamless integrations.

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About the quote, and a few others to shares.

"AI is the future of healthcare. We need to start exploring the possibilities today." - Dr. Eric Topol, cardiologist, author of Deep Medicine: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Health and Medicine, and Founder and Director of the Scripps Research Translational Institute.

Dr. Topol is one of the most respected cardiologists in the world, and his work on artificial intelligence in healthcare is widely known. He has spoken out about the need for healthcare leaders to start exploring AI and to develop a plan for how to use it to improve patient care. He believes that AI has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, and that those who don't start exploring it now will be left behind.

Prescriptive analytics is essential for transforming healthcare into a value-based system. By helping us to identify the most effective and efficient ways to deliver care, we can reduce costs and improve outcomes.” - Dr. Michael Leavitt, former Secretary of Health and Human Services