The modern family is spread thin – in geographics, free time, or both. Often referred to as the “sandwich generation,” many of today’s caregivers are balancing the responsibilities of caring for their children and parents at the same time. Combined with careers and personal aspirations, it can prove nearly impossible to do it all.

genusConnect™ empowers families, helping them work together and share care responsibilities and critical information, so that no one family member has to do it alone. With each phone call and visit, key information is collected and shared. Questions like “Is mom taking her meds?”, “Is she sleeping ok?” and “How is her mood?” can be answered at the touch of a button.

Beyond family and friends, genusConnect™ can easily integrate loved ones’ primary care physicians and specialists into the network. The automatically-generated care report in the health module can be sent to medical professionals for monthly review or before a visit, to help identify health patterns and concerns before they become a problem. All in one easy-to-use app, these features help families care better, together.


Accidents happen, and in the blink of an eye, a seemingly healthy individual can end up in the hospital. Studies show that having a support network in place after a hospital visit can help speed up recovery time and reduce readmittance rates, keeping loved ones at home and returning to normal life more quickly.

After an incident, genusConnect™ can serve as a critical resource in building and maintaining a community of care. Share responsibilities and stay informed about health status, physical and emotional needs at the touch of a button. Depend on loved ones, neighbors and friends to help with care, and stay connected through the genusConnect™ community module.

Imagine for a moment that your loved one suffers a stroke unexpectedly. genusConnect™ allows family members and friends to not only coordinate care, but to stay connected and in-the-know. Who spoke to the loved one last? How are they feeling? How’s their pain? Now you’ll know.


When in hospice, round-the-clock care is often essential. In this time of need, genusConnect™ helps loved ones coordinate updates, deliver positive messages and provide support for everyone involved.

With genusConnect™ in place, friends and family can share insights on their visits, and out-of-town loved ones can stay connected and offer support.  The genusConnect™ health module ensures medical staff stay in the know with automatically-generated care reports. Using the community module, everyone involved can care better, together.

Behavioral Health

For those with behavioral health issues and developmental disabilities, genusConnect™ offers connected care and support from a network of caregivers. Keep everyone up-to-date on physical and emotional health, calls, and visits with the community module.

With the health module, log doctor’s appointments, medical information, prescriptions, family medical history and more. You can also generate medical reports to keep physicians in the know. In an emergency, genusConnect™ offers direct access to 9-1-1, as well as an alert system for the entire care network.

With genusConnect™, you’ll know when was the last doctor’s appointment, and what was the result was? genusConnect™ offers unprecedented peace of mind and quality of life, and direct access to a network of friends, family and loved ones caring better, together.


genusConnect™ offers support for families in good times and in bad. Families in good health and wellness leverage the genusConnect™ platform as a tool to share day-to-day care responsibilities. Whether your child is at home with a babysitter, at school or out of town, use genusConnect™ to stay in touch, sharing doctor’s appointments, photos, legal documents and healthy living goals.

Families living in different cities, or even different homes, can check in with one another with the touch of a button. When support is needed, the community module makes alerting the network simple, and all can use the calendar to view upcoming appointments and recent calls and visits.


With genusConnect™, everyone is cared for – even you. As seamlessly as you can use genusConnect™ to care for others, you can also use it to keep track of your own self-care. Log your medical history, doctor’s visits, prescriptions and vital signs, all in one place.

You’ll never go to the doctor unprepared, with a genusConnect™ care report in hand, showing your medical history, allergies, progress and more. You can even invite loved ones into your community of care, keeping you accountable for your health and well-being.