All persons of care

The way we communicate has changed. The majority of our communication is actually through body language. But today, we exchange information through text messages, phone calls emails and social media. The art of compassion, caring and understanding gets lost in the clutter. Caring is an essential part of what makes us human, in fact it’s why we’re here today. It provides a sense of purpose, strengthens our family structure and communities and when done right, fills our hearts with joy and a sense of purpose.

The modern family is spread thin both geographically and free time. Often referred to as the “sandwich generation,” many of today’s caregivers are balancing the responsibilities of caring for their children and parents at the same time. Combined with careers and personal aspirations, caring the way we all want to can feel overwhelming at a time we want it feel meaningful!

genusConnect® empowers and inspires families, helping them work together and share care responsibilities and critical information, so that responsibility can be more of an opportunity to supporse those we love – allowing families to become stronger and reduces the common feeling of one family member has to do it alone.

Harnessing the magic of each interaction: The three “S” of success!
With each phone call and visit, Caregivers are able to provide deeper support, key information is collected and shared. Questions like “Is mom taking her meds?”, “Is she sleeping ok?” and “How is her mood?” can be answered at the touch of a button. As a result the family network is strengthened.

Beyond family and friends, genusConnect can easily integrate loved ones’ care specialists into the network. The automatically-generated care report in the health module can be sent to medical professionals for monthly review or before a visit, to help identify health patterns and concerns before they become a problem. All in one easy-to-use platform, these features help families care better, together.


Today, now more than ever especially with the challenges we face with COVID-19, our aging population is at the risk of being isolated. Our parents, gave us what they could to see is all survive and thrive in the world today period now is our time, to provide them with the love support and resources for longer independent life. Interactions, phone calls, the basics go a long way to helping them enjoy the later years in their life. Involving the extended family, as a extended benefit for the younger generation to learn, listen and enjoy a sense of purpose and understanding and care period

With the genus connect platform, we are able to extend the opportunity to care , share photos, interactions regardless of geographical locations time constraints and connect those in love with the amazing inventory of local resources designed to support our aging population. When done right, we can lower the costs of care, strengthen family connections, and enjoy a sense of pride throughout the care process. Genus connect, allows our care partners to infuse local resources recommend the best services Anne harness the family’s insights in making assessments for proper care.


Accidents happen, and in the blink of an eye, a seemingly healthy individual can end up in the hospital. Studies show that having a support network in place after a hospital visit can help speed up recovery time and reduce readmittance rates, keeping loved ones at home and returning to normal life more quickly.

After an incident, genusConnect can serve as a critical resource in building and maintaining a community of care. Share responsibilities and stay informed about health status, physical and emotional needs at the touch of a button. Depend on loved ones, neighbors and friends to help with care, and stay connected through the genusConnect community module.

Imagine for a moment that your loved one suffers a stroke unexpectedly. genusConnect allows family members and friends to not only coordinate care, but to stay connected and in-the-know. Who spoke to the loved one last? How are they feeling? How’s their pain? Now you’ll know.


When in hospice, round-the-clock care is often essential. In this time of need, genusConnect helps loved ones coordinate updates, deliver positive messages and provide support for everyone involved. The platform also includes a collection of inspirational and important videos to help family members better understand their own emotions, skills and decisions they might need to make. This content can be shared by the coordinating partner.

The stories that have been shared with us by hospice chaplains, administrators and providers are truly heartfelt and inspirational.

With genusConnect in place, friends and family can share insights on their visits, and out-of-town loved ones can stay connected and offer support. The genusConnect health module ensures medical staff stay “in the know” with automatically-generated care reports. Using the community module everyone involved can care better, together.

Behavioral Health

For organizations serving behavioral health needs, genusConnect offers a connected solution that helps community care partners and families come together to support a positive network of care and that ensures a positive outcome for everyone. Sharing observations and encouragement can add to ongoing support throughout the journey through the recovery period. Keeping everyone up-to-date on physical and emotional health with calls and visits logged within the community module is critical and easy.

Meaningful content can also be infused by local care organizations and the leading care partner. Often, as we see in today’s society it is difficult for family and friends acting as caregivers to understand their role and how to effectively communicate. Janice provides a collection of videos by leading experts help us to communicate in a way that leads to very productive outcomes.

With the health module, logging doctor’s appointments, important medical information, changes in prescriptions, family medical history and more is easy. You can also generate medical reports to keep physicians in the know. In an emergency, genusConnect™offers the ability to coordinate the best contact phone numbers and emergency action plans.

The genusConnect observations helps family members and care partners to watch for evolving trends such as emotional and physical behavior . We are seeing that those observations when shared by family members are far more accurate then occasional visits for technology monitoring devices.

With genusConnect, you will know when the last doctor’s appointment was, and what the information was. genusConnect offers unprecedented peace of mind, quality of life, and direct access to a network of friends, family and loved ones caring better together.


Addiction can often impact the relationships within the care network. By the time interventions might come in to play, meaningful awareness and communication tools should be part of the solution. genusConnect allows our care partners to help deliver the right information at the right time based on assessments and observations. By empowering the care network with the communication encouragement tools we are able to strengthen the support network and encourage compliance along with regular positive activities to maximize outcomes. The geniusConnect observation module is one example that helps track progress. The genus wall allows family members to share positive events to continue the process of encouragement all throughout the road to recovery.


The transplant community has earned a special place with us here at genusConnect. One of our original pilots was working with a program that helped provide encouragement and training for family members as they prepared to support a loved one through the transplant care process. Much of the geniusConnect platform came directly from what we learned about the importance of coordinating information. That information came directly from the feedback of the volunteers who are leading those programs as well as the family members that were directly impacted.

If your organization is supporting transplants we would love to share what we have learned to help you infuse those who provide support or resources with encouragement to ensure the best possible outcomes and ultimately an appreciation for the gift of life.


Chronic conditions affect over 40% of the US population. Treatment for those chronic conditions can be really challenging especially if it requires a series of medical tests coupled with discipline compliance with regards to medications, diets and exercise. genusConnect allows individuals and extended family members to coordinate and help to encourage positive care with the appropriate compliance that will ultimately support a positive outcome. Detailed videos with instructions along with positive encouragement and reminders can be shared on the genusConnect wall. Care partners as well as case managers can review the information and share important tips, insights and local resources to help individuals continue to lead a healthy and meaningful life.


genusConnect offers support for families in good times and in bad. Families in good health and wellness leverage the genusConnect platform as a tool to share day-to-day care responsibilities. Whether your child is at home with a babysitter, at school or even out of town, use genusConnect to put your mind at ease!


The studies are everywhere. When we are caring for those we love, we give of ourselves unconditionally and it can take a toll on our physical, emotional and financial well being.

With genusConnect, everyone is cared for – even you. As seamlessly as you can use genusConnect to care for others, you can also use it to keep track of your own self-care. You are able to log your medical history, doctor’s visits, prescriptions and vital signs all in one place.

On the genusConnect wall, you will find a resource section that has a variety of inspirational supportive videos that will help explain the importance of self-care which will support your mind, body and spirit. We encourage you to take a moment and enjoy that content as well as to share your insights and stories with us. After all, we are all caregivers supporting each other on this journey.

You’ll never go to the doctor unprepared again with a genusConnect care report in hand. It shows your medical history, allergies, progress made with diet and exercise and more. You can even invite loved ones into your community of care which will keep you accountable for your health and well-being.

So much more…

The mission behind genusConnect is simple… “A community of care around every person in need”. There are so many more examples we would love to share with you. At genusConnect we are seeing such exciting developments from those adopting the genusConnect care platform that meets specific needs like caring for newborns, fostering children as well as the homeless or any type of remote care for individuals and villages across the globe. The geniusConnect platform is designed to harness the compassionate entrepreneurial spirit to improve the world around us. Individuals and partners of care will be able to infuse the content and message to deliver the support they need for the markets they are serving. We look forward to working with you in that regard.