The app that provides a better way to care, together.

It’s in our DNA to care. Now, with the power of innovative technology, anyone can provide better care for a loved one; literally in the palm of your hand. genusConnect™ is an app that brings a collection of the best care resources together in a single open platform. Shared with your circle of caregivers, genusConnect™ allows you to communicate, schedule, coordinate, organize, monitor and learn in order to better care for a loved one.

Connecting together, caring better.

While we are more alike than we are different, every caregiver brings their own set of individual strengths. Leverage those unique strengths with genusConnect™ and you’ll have peace of mind in knowing those you care about are safe. You will be secure in knowing that as a connected circle of caregivers you are working together and easing the burden of isolation that often comes with caregiving.

Everything in one place
genusConnect™’s open platform for connected care provides access to the resources caregivers need.

Customizable solution
genusConnect™’s modular design allows you to select the features you need today and add features as your needs change.

Easily manage what is shared
Not everyone needs, or wants, to see everything. You decide who can view or update medical, legal and financial information. genusConnect™ allows caregivers to focus on the area of care that is best for them and their loved one.

Stay connected, at-a-glance
Family members will know: “How’s mom?”, “Who visited or called last?” and “Is there anything Mom needs?” Your calls and visits are automatically logged. Furthermore, you can view and respond to shared calendar events and tasks. Now you’ll know how your loved one is doing and when/how you can contribute best.

The impacts of using genusConnect™ are:

  • Better quality of life for your loved one
  • Lower family/caregiver stress
  • Reduced medical costs*

Face the future, together.
In our hearts, we all want to care for our loved ones. One of the most powerful components of genusConnect™ is that it empowers caregivers to work together in a positive, meaningful way. genusConnect™ provides articles and resources that help families care better, understand more clearly, and come together at a time when pressures can pull them apart. Each aspect of genusConnect™ is designed to empower each of us to be the best givers of care that we can be. When we connect together, we care better.


* Studies show that the cost of care is 21% lower for engaged families.

With genusConnect™, everyone is cared for not just our loved-one. When we enter the role of caregiver we experience how caregiving impacts our life and relationships. Most caregivers experience significant physical, emotional or financial stress. We designed genusConnect™ to help address these stresses by connecting caregivers to one another and by providing information & access to community health and private third party resources.

Centered around the recipient’s Four-Needs-of-Care™

genusConnect™ addresses the Four-Needs-of-Care™:

Emotional Well-Being: How is Mom feeling today? Who talked to her last?
Medical Well-Being: What did the doctor say? Is Dad taking his medicine?
Physical Safety: What’s the temperature at Mom’s home? Did she leave the stove on?
Financial Well-Being: Who has Dad’s medical power of attorney? Is he paying his bills on-time?

Supports the needs of caregivers

genusConnect™ addresses the primary concerns of families and caregivers:

Peace of Mind:  Are Mom’s Four-Needs-of-Care™ being met?
Quality of Life:  How can I better manage my work, family and caregiving responsibilities?

You might not know where to begin – We understand

Often, when we are cast into the role of caregiver, it is unexpected. genusConnect helps you through the process in a positive and meaningful way.

  1. Download the app and share it with family and friends.
  2. Use it to automatically log your calls, visits and personal observations. Now everyone will know the best time for a call or visit.
  3. You can also use genusConnect™ to track medications and medical vitals.
  4. Then invite your loved-one’s doctors and home care professional into the genusConnect™ care community.
  5. Start small. Later you can add and manage features when they’re needed.
  6. Care needs are evolving

    genusConnect™ will grow with you, providing access to an increasingly large library of resources, technologies, services and educational materials. Continually re-explore genusConnect™ as we add new features and modules. Let us know what resources you need.

    Learn to be the best giver-of-care

    The genusConnect™ resource module contains a powerful collection of articles and resources to help caregivers understand what it means to be a giver-of-care™. Topics range from understanding compassion to addressing specific caregiving challenges. You’ll find a growing library of world-class articles designed to educate and inspire.

    The personal stories behind genusConnect™

    genusConnect™ is the result of our real-life care experiences. We understand the challenges of care and are committed to continually improving genusConnect™ to meet your needs.

All of the resources for care, together in one place!