Sharing and caring better, together.

Sharing and caring better, together.

genus means family.

Supporting and strengthening families on each step of the journey. 

Families and patients first:
Founded by caregivers who realize care can strengthen a family or pull us apart, each feature in genus is designed to inspire better care, meaningful relationships and improved connections.   

Families decide:  What, who and how.
Families are in charge, deciding which partners and what services to include in their genus care communities. 

Industry support:  
One of the gems inside of genus is front-line feedback from CEO's, clinicians and caregivers.  genus is honored to have piloted with leading organizations and in that work and focus groups, leaders shared their resolve to help create a platform built on compassion and purpose.   

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Example:  Father's dementia.

            genusConnect care calendar

genus calendar on phone image

From car keys,  hiring help, coordinating schedules and medications, spotting trends, supporting each other or finding a safe place for dad. genus is there.

How genus helps.
The care calendar helps everyone see where to jump in and the genus wall keeps everyone informed, sharing interactions and observations with warmth, and inspiring videos. 

Out-of-town family members chime in, sharing thoughts, stories, and photos.    Funny faces convey what words often miss.

Curated articles and videos help families understand what dad might be feeling and how to talk openly with mom.    The built-in care report helps families discuss medications, observations, and concerns.

And when it's to move dad,  videos on the genus wall help the family coordinate the move.    The virtual family meeting room allows family members to meet with staff before the move and answer questions,  helping ensure a positive transition and on-going peace of mind. 

Example:  Keeping Mom home, safe and connected.

Keeping mom safe, active, and socially connected while coordinating her care with family on daily basis.    From telling stories, sharing photos, coordinating transportation, genus is there.

Features and content that connect.
With genus in place,  families work together in a way that brings out the best in all of us.    With each phone call or visit, families share quick insights, observations, and photos helping to spot trends, strengthening the family network.    Families can harness genus smart home tools to deliver photos and monitor health conditions from anywhere at any time. 

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Example:  Discharge from hospital.

When coming home from the hospital, the right resources, support and encouragements make all the difference. 

How genus helps with discharge. 
As families prepare to bring loved ones home from the hospital, information, instructions and follow-up care can be overwhelming.  genus has partnered with care providers to help families succeed at home.   At discharge, hospital staff invite patients and families to text home to 211-411, this puts genus in motion.  Now, they have access to genusConnect,  loaded with resources to help navigate the first few days at home.    This includes discharge summaries, local resources, phone numbers, medication instructions and tips to stay safe at home.    Reminders and encouragement continue to support families and patents several days after discharge.

Prevention is powerful. 
Special note:  While genus helps families after hospitalization, we believe preventing it is an essential part of staying active and connected.   For example,  studies show injury from falls alter quality of life.  FALL prevention is key, ALL of us at genus know the value personally of preventing falls.   Inquire about our UofM fall prevention pilot with Otago! 

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Example:   COVID and behavioral health. 

Covid window visit

We are now losing more seniors to isolation than COVID. 

While prevention is the best medicine, genus helps those who become ill stay connected and receive coordinated care.  And for those are physically healthy but still isolated, genus helps  them stay connected and active, sharing what we 'can do' in today's new normal. 

Let's talk CAN DO 
genus is working with leading partners to deliver a nationwide 'can do' program, sharing the positives of what we all 'can do' on a daily basis to uplift, inspire and encourage meaningful connections.   The genus platform delivers.   

We invite you to get involved. 

 A community of care around every person in need.  

Across all forms of care, genus is there, personalized for your needs and location.

Customize genus and share with others.  It's simple. Text your careCode to 211-411 and empower families with resources and tools for better care.

Let us show you how.

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