Create and inspire

(Coming Soon!)

Use the custom module maker!

Have a clever idea?  If you can build a webpage, you can use the custom module maker. Link to your own web materials that come up within the genus app.    Give your module a name, link the content, embed custom web apps, publish and share!

Launch your service or product in Hours!

Have a care product, service, or technology that you would like to bring to market that utilizes communities?  Use the genusConnect platform as your foundation and add your own modules.   The genusConnect community and partner infrastructure took years to build out.  Start with our custom module maker, utilizing WEB APP inclusions or request access to our SDK kit.

Create a custom module for an active market place with the SDK!

As an open platform, genusConnect will allow you to create your own custom modules (an App within an App).   Allowing your module to look and feel as if it’s native to genusConnect.

Join the genus development team!

The genusConnect development teams are talented individuals who want to be part of something special and unique.  The care market represents endless opportunities to be creative and watch your experience and passion make a difference around the world!