Join our team as a developer

As an open platform, genusConnect™ attracts millions of people who provide care to others. Your products and services can now reach a select audience through a familiar and trusted interface. This approach helps reduce costs of development and marketing. By sharing those savings with the genusConnect™ community, we are able to work together in support of a mission we can all take comfort in. This allows us to build a community of care around every person in need and empower the community with the best resources, services and technology.

Become an advisor

Whether your product or services are local or national, the genusConnect™ community is passionate about companies who make an effort to help people in their time of need. Making your services available to the genusConnect™ community, you’ll find your organization gaining referrals and positive press as members share your developments with others in the genusConnect™ community.

Join the team

The genusConnect™ community is active and forward thinking. As active givers of care, they are on the front lines looking for better ways to care each and every day. Providing your services to them will likely result in creative feedback, helping you to improve your services and expand your reach in ways you may not have considered.