8/1/17: PM360 | genus, Inc. provides caregivers with peace of mind

Helping to care for parents as they get older can be stressful for families. Not only do they worry about the well-being of their parents, but they also struggle to coordinate with siblings, doctors, neighbors, or any other caregivers who are helping to ensure the patient is getting everything they need.

6/9/17: SOC pilots app for caregiving families

During a community event Wednesday, June 7, Services for Older Citizens will launch genusConnect, an app that allows caregivers to provide better care for loved ones.

6/7/17: Caring for Mom and Dad Goes Digital with Launch of genusConnect™ Mobile App

Coordinated care for loved ones just got easier with the launch of genusConnect™, an open platform mobile application. Designed to create communities of care around every person in need, genusConnect™ offers caregivers shared access to a variety of resources in one easy-to-use dashboard.

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Future Tech: App for Nonverbal Communication

Inspired by his daughter’s inability to communicate, a father created an app that helps nonverbal children communicate their needs, wants and feelings.

Future Tech: Standing Wheelchair

Imagine if those who are wheelchair bound could use new technology to see their loved ones eye-to-eye. This video explores the possibility.

Peace of Mind in One Feature: Last in Touch

When you launch genusConnect™, the first feature you’ll notice is Last in Touch. It’s no accident. At genus™, we know that much of the constant worry caregivers face comes from one simple question: is mom ok?

Come Prepared for Doctor’s Visits with genusConnect™

What are the dosages of your current medications? Is there a history of heart problems in your family? It can be difficult to remember the answers to these any other questions regarding your own medical history, let alone that of another person that you care for.

Alexa, How’s Mom? Advanced Care through Smart Home Technology

Imagine the scenario: mom wakes up and gets out of bed. Triggered by the motion sensors in the room, Amazon’s Alexa chimes in, “Hi Mary. How did you sleep?” Mom lets Alexa know that she didn’t sleep well because her back was hurting, and Alexa updates the members of mom’s genusConnect™ community of care and makes a note in her medical report.

Medicare Reporting at the Touch of a Button: genusConnect™ Meets Code 99490

genusConnect™ is the first app of its kind to offer a care plan that’s Medicare compliant with 99490, the code for chronic care management. The adherence is significant – it means that genusConnect™ is able to provide benefits to all who use it, including physicians, patients and their families.

Future Tech: Smart Home Robot

Check on those at home, make sure doors are locked and more with smart home robot technology.

One App, Infinite Resources: The Art of Open Platform

To the non-developers among us, the phrase “open platform” doesn’t mean a whole lot, but for many of us, it’s a large part of the everyday user experience. iPhone and Android users will readily admit that our phones can’t do a whole lot without the web of applications we’ve come to depend on.

Caring from Afar with genusConnect™

Near or far, caregivers want to know what they can do to care for the one they love. For those in other cities, states and countries, caring from a distance can pose more questions than answers – how is dad doing? What are his vital signs? How did his doctor’s visit go?

Future Tech: Sock Helper

For those with limitations in mobility, socks can be one of the most difficult articles of clothing to put on. This simple device helps users put on socks without bending down.

Health 2.0 Recap: What’s Next in Tech and Trends

genus™ was on-site the 10th annual Health 2.0 Conference, which brought together more than 2,000 digital health decision-makers to accelerate health care’s next big ideas.

Sleep Data a Window to Overall Health

From Apple to Sleep Number, big names (and little ones, too) are dominating news headlines with the latest sleep monitoring technologies to hit the market.

Deloitte Offers 16 Weeks Paid Leave to Caregivers

As The Washington Post reports, Deloitte recently announced a paid leave policy offering employees 16 weeks of fully paid family leave. The offer goes beyond new parents to any employee with caregiving responsibilities – be it to a child, parent or a spouse.

Nearly 21 Billion Connected Devices Anticipated by 2020

According to consulting firm Gartner, the number of connected devices worldwide – 6.4 billion this year – will more than triple by 2020.

How genusConnect™ Helps

Why is genus needed? from genus™ on Vimeo.

About genusConnect™

Founded in 2015, genusConnect™ is an open platform mobile application aiming to build a community of care around every person in need. The application’s dashboard offers peace of mind at a quick glance, detailing the person in need’s personal interactions, conditions, current medications, appointments and more.

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