An open platform ensures caregivers the latest technology, services and resources

An “open platform” means we’ve designed genusConnect to allow third party companies to add their technology, services and content.  This allowed genusConnect to become the standard interface for givers of care™.  This lowers the costs for services and expands the features available at a faster rate.

genus, LLC realizes that it’s about encouraging participation and sharing.

genusConnect  allows third party companies to make their services available through our SDK (software development kit). As the genusConnect community expands, this will provide incentive for companies to continue to integrate and develop new products and services for this growing and very active platform.

For givers of care, the best resources to care with.

Until now, givers of care had to find and learn multiple care solutions, then teach their network members how to use them. This adds to the confusion and stress many givers of care™ were already facing.

With the genusConnect’s open platform for care™, everyone is on the same page and already up to date, and givers of care™ are able to focus on making each moment more meaningful instead of wasting unnecessary time on learning, re-learning or teaching others new tech. They can also be confident in knowing genusConnect  will always be updated with the most groundbreaking and effective tools to provide assistance.

For recipients of care, the best possible care is provided
Those receiving care can take comfort in knowing their care network is able to work together in a positive and productive way. Too often, care responsibilities end up falling on one person. Over time that leads to care giver burn out. The person receiving care begins to feel like they are a burden and provide less information about their well being.

With genusConnect in place, the care community knows exactly how, where and when to assist and help share responsibilities. In addition to the latest technology and help from service partners, the educational resources help care givers understand care at a deeper level.

For organizations, connecting with those in need

With an open platform, organizations are able to deliver their products and services to a market that is eager and ready to use them. Once integrated, your products and services are shared within the care community without members having to learn a new interface or install new software.

Often community members from one group will learn of a new service and encourage its adoption in others. genusConnect’s  community members are passionate and can often help identify other ways in which products or services may be used and they can be a powerful source for new ideas.

Having an open platform model will mean new products will not only have a customer base waiting for it, but it will also mean lower costs in developing your own platform.

We invite you to visit our partners section to learn how genusConnect  benefits technology, care providers, organizations, associations, foundations and content providers while enriching the genusConnect™ community at the same time.

Your resources, together and secure

You decide who sees what and when. You choose which technology, services or providers are brought into your circle of care. genusConnect  is HIPAA compliant and protected by the latest encryption technology to ensure you and your care community’s information remains confidential and private. Community members can access only what you want them to see, so your community’s personal data is kept private. By having your key resources for care together in one secure place, you’re able to maintain a level of security and access that until now has simply not been feasible.