Volunteer Groups

Volunteer groups are an essential ingredient to quality care. Embracing genusConnect is a way to reach out and get involved within local communities. Let’s work together in coordinating your organizations services geographically.

Food Delivery

More and more grocery chains and restaurants are beginning to offer local food and meal deliveries. Let genusConnect connect you with a service near you.


genusConnect is currently in pilots with church organizations as a way to support those in need. If your church would like to learn how genus can help them strengthen community ties, please contact us.


Many communities have care and recreational programs in place. genusConnect is designed to be integrated locally, helping community members be more aware and schedule access to local services, resources and events.


Todays’ generation of teachers and students are looking to make a difference. Students are emotionally rewarded through volunteering and communities are strengthened through the process. Offer genusConnect to your community today and ask care communities to invite your volunteers! From playing music, walking pets, to simple chores, genusConnect represents a great way to patriciate.

Centers for aging

As an open platform, genusConnect represents a powerful new way to extend your agencies reach ability to help communities members care for the elderly. genusConnect can be customized to help educate community members as the local services and resources available through your organization. Getting started easy, we’ll help you create a custom resource module tailored to your agency and help you get the word out to your communities!

genusConnect will help your organization:

  1. Support your partners
  2. Recruit volunteers
  3. Qualify for addition funding
  4. Encourage donations
  5. Strengthen your Agency’s ability to support family caregivers in providing the best possible care

Family and community are gold.
Studies confirm, getting families to identify themselves as caregivers and engage, dramatically lowers the costs of care and improves outcomes. For PACE organizations, genus provides the tools to help identify, engage and inspire family members to help connect and care regardless of their geographical locations. With genus each phone call or visit is an opportunity to share observations and strengthen the care network. PACE organizations can work with their local Meals on Wheels and other organizations to help collect key insights with visits, providing an opportunity to take a proactive and preventive role in care. Genus with its careVoice and genusConnect platform helps identify, engage and educate the family care team. This leads to lowers cost, improved outcomes and increased PACE awareness! Ask for our market research papers.

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