The right technology, with the same great interface

Bio-metrics, security systems, motion sensors, cameras, voice systems, remote door bells, cell phones, environmental sensors, home robotics are just a few of the products or developments genusConnect™ users will be eager to use as part of their care group.

genusConnect™ embraces a wide range of existing and upcoming technologies, bringing them together in an open and shared environment. Until now, those who coordinated care had to research various technology solutions and then find a way to share and educate others in their care group as to why and how to use it. Often this was an overwhelming task.

With genusConnect™, givers of care select which technology is best and simply share access with those in the group, without any need to learn a new interface or install new software.

By working with genusConnect™ to integrate your products, you’re helping givers of care easily integrate your solution into part of their care routine.


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Invest in caring better, together

The genusConnect™ platform is a strong choice for commercial investments as well as financial support from mission-oriented foundations. genusConnect™ was built to create a community of care around every person in need by bringing caregivers together and empowering them with the tools and resources they need to care better. Invest in genusConnect™, a company with a critical mission and the business sense to bring it to fruition.

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Organizational partnerships

The genusConnect™ platform benefits a growing variety of organizations. Employers are now encouraging their employees to take advantage of genusConnect™ to meet their care giving needs, helping them focus and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Insurance companies are encouraging their subscribers to utilize genusConnect™ to help provide better care at lower costs. Financial institutions are using genusConnect™ as way to help those who provide care to plan for the future as well as protect financial assets. Associations are encouraging their members to utilize genusConnect™ and bundling in access to their own services. Local municipal offices are using genusConnect™ as a way to share resources and communicate about local events.

Organizational genusConnect™ partners include:

  • Associations, charitable groups, churches, employers, financial agencies, insurance firms, and municipalities.
  • genusConnect™ is free to distribute to your audience. Your organization can add your own custom module to help those in the circle of care maximize the benefits your organizations provides. Contact us to learn more about how genusConnect™ can help you achieve your organization’s goals through helping those who are providing care.
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Matching missions with foundations

genusConnect™ is actively aligning with foundations that share common goals. As a technology company focused on empowering givers of care, we welcome the opportunity to partner with foundations who specialize in areas of:

  • Safety
  • Improved care
  • Charitable works
  • Volunteering
  • Care education
  • Emergency response
  • Care training
  • Programs that bring communities closer.

genus, LLC is committed to its mission while also balancing our responsibility to create a sustainable economic plan to ensure the survival of our goals for generations to come.

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Home care partnerships

genusConnect™ enables care organizations to communicate effectively with the circle of care. For example, in-home care agencies can now share care tips, schedules and report on how access went. Family doctors can assess community feedback and health observations in convenient summaries. Medical conditions, allergy concerns, physical activity, vital sign trends can all be presented together in one clear picture.

Home care genusConnect™ partners include:

  • In-home care agencies
  • Long term care facilities
  • Hospice
  • Ancillary
  • Family medical practices
  • Hospitals
  • Public health agencies

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Publications, articles, videos, music and tools.

Education is an essential ingredient of quality care. When we are called to give care, there is seldom any training or guidelines to follow. Those who are giving of their time are often at a loss as to where to look for help. The genusConnect™ interface helps bring care communities together, and provides them with the best educational resources.

genusConnect™ welcomes providers of educational content to submit your resources to be considered for use within our community. Access to a wide range of materials on topics such as diseases, treatments, medicines, medical systems, emotional needs and navigating legal obstacles are available. The goal at genusConnect™ in a way that makes finding answers to your questions as simple as it can possibly be.

genusConnect™ authors of articles on topics such as:

  • Compassion
  • Understanding care
  • Physical safety
  • Medical safety
  • Emotional safety
  • Financial safety
  • Working together and location of resources
  • Technology and so much more.

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Become a sponsor

Caregiving is deeply engrained in all of us – from the business professional to the stay-at-home parent. As an organization, you understand that caregiving is often a 24/7 role in the lives of employees and customers alike. Becoming a sponsor of apps like genusConnect™ demonstrates a level of passion and understanding that so many of us have. It also makes smart business sense. When caregivers have access to the latest technology, mundane tasks are taken care of so you can focus on care. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact us today.

Small businesses

Let local caregivers know that your organization understands care and has services that can help them to care better.

Examples: flower delivery, carry-out food, pharmacy

Large-scale organizations

You want your customers, and employees, to know that you understand what it means to care – so much so, that you’re investing in organizations that will help them care better. Share your services with consumers of a fast-growing national product, and demonstrate to your employees that you understand their needs and responsibilities.

Examples: manufacturing, information technology, medical, life sciences

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