Empowering patients and caregivers with the tools to communicate, connect and care better

Hospitals turn to genusConnect™ to partner for better patient outcomes and reduced re-admittance rates. By discharging patients with genusConnect™ in place, hospitals help ensure the person of care has the tools in place to build a healthy support network, access local resources, and collect and share post-discharge information. In the genusConnect™ testing phase, we were privileged to learn first-hand from the stroke victims and caregivers from a local stroke unit. It helped us understand how custom modules with videos, diet tips and exercise, as well as direct access to the hospital web portal, could help ensure better care at such a difficult and overwhelming time.  Inquire to learn more!


Studies confirm, getting families to identify themselves as caregivers and engage has a dramatic impact on lowering the costs of care and improving outcomes. Reducing re-admissions from 25-70% depending on the level of involvement. Genus, Inc. with its careVoice™ and genusConnect™ platform helps both identify, engage and educate the family care team. This leads to lowers cost, improved outcomes and improved quality scores! Ask for our market research papers.

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Primary Care

Get paid for taking a proactive role in chronic care.

Primary care physicians use the genusConnect™ platform to meet the requirements of Medicare’s Chronic Care Management program (99490). Until now, CCM was far too burdensome for most physicians to comply with, and lacked the personal connection critical to its success. With genusConnect™, physicians and families can partner in one easy-to-use application, taking a proactive role in keeping the person of care healthy. genus™ even produces a detailed care plan and report, with goals, vitals, observations, medical history, doctor’s visits and more, which can be easily accessed by trusted physicians in the network. Coordinated care with genusConnect™ means key pieces of information are collected by caregivers and loved ones, painting a complete picture of patient health. With genusConnect™, families come prepared with a care plan in place and Medicare paperwork signed. Instead of spending time on paperwork, you’ll spend it instead reviewing quality data to identify problems early on, and ensure better health outcomes.  Inquire to learn more!

Home Health Care

Improve communication and quality of care

The decision to bring in home health care services is a difficult choice for many families, often filled with a wide variety of emotions: guilt, fear, helplessness, love and concern, to name a few. genusConnect™ helps home health care providers deliver an exceptional level of care and communication. With genusConnect™ in place, families feel a sense of peace and renewed hope and the ability to work together, and better understand the care taking place.  Inquire to learn more!

Long Term Care

Improve family engagement, staff morale

Bringing a loved one to a long term care facility is often a difficult choice, emotionally and financially. Worried family members seek quality care, and clear communication can be extremely difficult. The level of emotions at stake can be hard on staff, administration and the person of care themselves. With genusConnect™, clear communication and care updates mean increased quality of care and appreciation of services provided. Using a genusConnect™ custom module, families can access care videos and resources that help them understand the patient’s care better and how to communicate with the long-term care provider in a positive way.  Inquire to learn more!

Care Services

Stay connected with clients and their caregivers

From physical therapists and dietitians to financial and legal advisors, genusConnect™ can help certified professionals connect with their clients in a meaningful way. A first-of-its-kind platform, genusConnect™ paints a complete picture of well-being by caring for the medical, emotional, physical and financial health for the person of care and their network.  Inquire to learn more!


Identify and connect with the family care circle

Ask how you can deliver your audience a customized version of genusConnect™ that will help lower the cost of care for ‘everyone in the care network as well provide appreciate value to all involve the leads to brand loyalty! genusConnect™ also supports insurance corporate partners by lowering the cost of employee distraction. genusConnect helps identify care network, encourages improved communication and local resources. Inquire to learn more!

Medical Devices

Expand your reach, educate your audience

genusConnect’s powerful SDK enables medical devices to integrate into the genusConnect platform. Add your device to the growing list of devices that assist caregivers. Inquire to learn more!


Connect with your audience and improve outcomes

Stay connected with your target audience and their supporting caregivers.  Inquire to learn more!