Bridging the gap and engaging the influencers of care.

Bridging the gap and engaging the influencers of care.

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All forms of care. Better together.  

When we connect care, we see better outcomes, lower costs and stronger relationships! 

With world-class features and the market's easiest onboarding and adoption, genus stays with the family at each step of the care journey.

Human workflow:  Easy as texting! 
Simply ask your patients to text your careCode to 211-411 to begin a customized sequence of meaningful interactive resources, reminders,  encouragements and care tools.  Partners see real-time progress and can take proactive action with genus communication tools to ensure best outcomes. 

Customize your needs and choose the best onboarding option.

Putting you at the center of engagement with better care and stronger relationships.  Connecting the way your audience communicates today, in seconds.

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Patient care. Let's improve outcomes.

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Improve outcomes, boost quality scores, lower costs and strengthen relationships.

Better HCAHPS. At discharge, ask patients to text your careCode, to 211-411. They'll receive video summaries of common instructions,  reminders to make appointments, fill prescriptions, and safety tips along with the ability share progress real-time.  

PCP's see improved MIPS, MACRA, TCM's.  A simple text welcomes patients with meaningful content and billable surveys, and sends them home with care tips,  Rx cards, and local resources.

We serve surgery and outpatient centers, behavioral care specialists, case managers, and physical therapists to name a few. 

Schedule a time to learn how.

Community.  Let's connect resources.

Connect, communicate, and deliver better care together!

Community partners are passionate about helping  community members with amazing volunteer programs, local services and more.  genus delivers your local resources, meaningful content from your care partners.  Connecting families regardless of their location.  

Serving: Non-profits and municipalities.
Agencies, community centers, faith organizations, education, PACE and more. 

Imagine:  Inspiring better outcomes! 

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Service.  Let's strengthen relationships.

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Strengthen connections, reduce employee turnover, improve workflows while delivering peace of mind, quality of life and improved outcomes.

Offer genus to your families and prospects, delivering daily updates, interactions that connect with your systems and complement your workflow.   Keep families current and let them see all the good you do as you share interactions and valued curated resources.  Improve outcomes, satisfaction and generate referrals and brand recognition. 

Serving senior living,  skilled care, home care/home health, hospice, PACE and other care services.  

Foundations. Let's support your mission.

Support partners in delivering proven content and measured outcomes.

Integrate your fundraising and research initiatives for the audience you serve. 

genus measures effectiveness of your programs,  supporting research, and demonstrating mission message and goals.  

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Associations. Let's deliver member value.

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Support your members with a solution designed to engage, connect and deliver resources. 

Provide a unified solution that connects the audience you serve with best-in-class resources.   Utilizing the genus careWall, local chapters can complement your content with localized resources.  

Deliver meaningful announcements, live streams and surveys that help secure long-term research and funding support.   Let’s us show you how.

Research.  Let's connect the dots.

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Meaningful adoption with data-driven research.    

Harness the genus carePhysics(TM) data streams to measure what interactions, content, activities and treatments encourage the best possible outcomes for patients and caregivers.

Let's talk research, make an appointment today. 

Platform.  Integrate your services

genus complements your growth and mission.

Channel:  E.H.R's, device manufactures, and call centers utilize genus API's to complement services and deepen patient-caregiver engagement.

Content:  Authors, publishers, artists, coaches, consultants and musicians extend reach, delivering interactive content and collect valuable feedback.

Developers:   Integrate creative tools and extend market share. 

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