How do I change communities?
By tapping on the current community at the top of the page, you select from a list of communities that you belong to.

How do I change a name of a community?
Tap the menu in the upper left and select “Change Community Knickname”.

How do I start a new community?
Tap on the person of care at the top of the screen and select “Join/Add Community”.

How do I call the person of care using genusConnect?
First; you need to set up the person of care’s phone number in the community module. To do this, make sure the person of care you are setting us shown at the top of the screen. From the summary screen, select the community module. The tap information. Fill in the person of care’s phone number in the space provided. Once this is complete, select “Last In Touch”. The phone icon in the lower right will now call the person of care. Once the call is completed, you will be prompted to fill out a log to summarize your contact with the person of care.

How do I generate a care report?
From the summary screen, tap the health module. Then tap “Care Report”. Please note that the care report is only as good as the data you have collected. If there is no data populated throughout the app then the care report will not be of use. Be sure to fill in as much information in the profile and interact with the app on a daily basis in order to produce a robust care report.

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