Stronger relationships, connections   
and improved outcomes

Stronger relationships, connections   
and improved outcomes

Value.  When it all comes together.

Value happens with meaningful adoption of a system that engages and delivers resources daily,  providing real-time assessment and communication tools.

genus brings it all together.
A feature-rich platform, with the best onboarding technology available, customized to the specific needs of families you serve. Delivering curated content that is relevant, meaningful by partners who are supporting families at each point of the journey.

Let us share how we integrate into your human workflow and systems. Together, we strengthen relationships and connections, while delivering very real, personal, and measurable benefits. 

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Until now, core needs of care have not been addressed.

Previous 'care apps' limited design to a singular perspective, focusing only on information needed from patients.   This usually meant care was limited to medical visits, vitals and medications.

genus connects the four elements of care with purpose.
Going beyond visits, vitals and medications, genus is powered by CarePhysics, by addressing emotional needs,  family dynamics and geographic obstacles of care.   When the core elements for care; emotional, physical, financial, and medical come together, we see  peace of mind and improved quality of life. 

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Families, resources, and connections.

Families benefit when the right tools, content, and partners come together focused on supporting their needs in care.

Infused with local resources provided by partners, your audience will feel supported,  not alone on their care journey.    They will see and experience powerful examples of care, communication and compassion.

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Partners, improved outcomes and relationships.

When families are actively engaged and supported, partners see improved outcomes.

genus delivers improved outcomes and clear bottom line benefits thru stronger relationship and connections.   

Beyond the bottom line, genus helps partners enrich the human side of care, reducing turnover, improving quality of life.